5 Steps on How to Check Your Hotel for Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations in hotels are being more and more common with the increases in travel across the United States. Did you know that on Memorial Day in 2019, the amount of Americans travelling increased 3.6% when compared to 2018? Checking your hotel for bed bugs nowadays is an absolute must!

Unfortunately, bed bugs love travelers as these pesky insects cling on luggage and clothing and then spread at their destination. Hotels have a major responsibility in ensuring that their rooms are insect and bed bug free.

5 Steps on How to Check Your Hotel for Bed Bugs

Are you staying at a hotel? Do you think you have a bed bug infestation in your room? Throughout this process, you’ll want to take pictures and video, if you have indeed found bed bugs. This is an important step to ensuring you have a case.

Here are Bed Bug Law‘s 5 Steps To Check Your Hotel for Bed Bugs

Get a Flashlight and Turn off the Lights

Bed bugs love to hide in dark, unlit areas. In order to perform a proper inspection, you will need a portable flashlight or you can use the flashlight function on your iPhone or other device. Once you have your flashlight ready, you will want to turn off the lights in your hotel room after you complete the next set of steps.

Remove any Bed Linens and Strip the Bed Completely

Bed bugs are commonly found hidden within beds in hotels. Beds are feasting grounds for bed bugs and they feed on human blood to survive.

Go to your hotel bed, remove all and any bed linens, coverings and mattress covers. Make sure your bed is completely stripped. Then, turn off the lights and closely inspect the bed with the flashlight mentioned earlier for any dark brown, reddish spots or for bed bugs.

If you see any insects, it’s important to confirm that they are bed bugs. Use the diagram below to confirm your findings –

5 Steps on How to Check Your Hotel for Bed Bugs

Check Behind Wall Hangings Like Pictures in Your Hotel Room

After checking the beds, make sure you check behind wall hangings like wall art or pictures in your hotel room. Bed bugs are typically found within the frames of those pictures.

Scan Dark Places Within the Hotel Room

Do you have any other dark, un-lit areas within your hotel room? Make sure you closely inspect those corners on the baseboard and crown moldings to ensure there aren’t any other bed bugs.

Check for Bed Bug Injuries

Do you have large clusters of red welts all over your body like the gentleman in this picture?

5 Steps on How to Check Your Hotel for Bed Bugs

These are bed bug bites and you may have indeed, found bed bugs!

Found Bed Bugs? Contact Bed Bug Law, the Hotel Bed Bug Lawyers

Bed Bug Law is a law firm that represents victims of bed bugs injuries across the United States. If after going through our 5 Steps to Check Your Hotel for Bed Bugs and you have found bed bugs, you may be eligible for compensation.

Contact the Bed Bug Law team by filling out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or by calling the firm at 855-533-5552. Bed Bug Law does not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case!

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