Apple Store Bed Bug Infestation

If you are a fan of Apple Inc., products and have visited the flagship store on 5th avenue in Manhattan, beware of bed bugs. It has been reported by many news outlets and employees of the store that there is an infestation of bed bugs wreaking havoc. Bed bugs crawling throughout the employee area and lockers has caused a serious problem and runs the risk of employees bringing bed bugs home and infesting apartments across all 5 boroughs.One employee reported that the bed bug situation at the Apple store is “mayhem”. Others have reported that employees have been panicking over their belongings becoming infested and that store management is not handling the bed bug issue well. Many of the workers do not feel safe given the ongoing bed bug infestation at the Apple store.Bed bugs do not affect people like most other pests. Bed bugs get their name because they primarily infest beds and anywhere humans sleep. Humans are easy targets while sleeping because they are stationary for hours at a time, giving bed bugs a chance for a meal. Infestations do not take very long to take hold and become a very big problem once bed bugs are introduced into a home or building.

How Can Bed Bug Infestations Affect Me?

Bed bugs will hitch themselves to clothing, luggage, bags or anything they can attach themselves to. Bed bugs are small insects with 6 legs that can climb walls and grab onto most materials. This is how they spread. Bed bugs will infest anywhere they can find food. Bed bugs feed primarily on human beings by biting and sucking their blood. This is a horrifying thought for employees of a technology company that prides itself on clean stores and upscale environment. While the front of the store sports clean lines and beautiful computers and electronic devices, clearly the back of the store tells a different story. Crowded storage containers and cubbies filled with personal belongings like clothing, shoes, bags and other items are an easy target for hitchhiking bed bugs. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide released from humans and their items. When bed bugs smell humans, they will be attracted to them and hitch a ride home.

Do I have Bed Bugs From the Apple Store?

If you are an employee at the Apple Store on 5th avenue in Manhattan there is a chance that you have encountered bed bugs. Simply visiting the store as a consumer likely did not result in a significant bed bug exposure. The big issue is that the offices and employee lockers were found to contain a bed bug infestation. A full investigation will be required to know how long the infestation was there. Evidence of a long term infestation comes in many forms.

Apple Store Bed Bug Infestation

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If bed bugs are found, a pest management professional with experience in exterminating bed bugs must be called immediately. There are several ways for a bed bug infestation to be identified and destroyed. Proper treatments can be expensive and therefore are sometimes not done. Chemical pesticide sprays may not only fail to fix the problem, but most experts will say that spraying could make matters worse. Bed bugs will often retreat to other areas of a home or building where there is no pesticide and continue to infest. Some bugs will survive the pesticide and continue to breed promoting pesticide resistance. Proper heat treatment of a home or a building costs several thousands of dollars. A building like the Apple Store in Manhattan could cost tens of thousands and even more in lost profits considering the business would need to be shut down for a time.

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