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  • Personal Injury


Grant Schwarz is a Civil Trial Attorney and 4th Amendment Lawyer headquartered in sunny Florida. Grant focuses his practice in the areas of personal injury including premises liability and products liability.

Prior to starting his own firm, Grant worked as a prosecutor for the State of Florida. As a prosecutor, Grant tried 50 jury trials, conducted hundreds of non-jury trials ranging from simple drug possession to economic crimes and violent felony offenses. Fighting for the State of Florida and for victims of crime gave Grant the motivation to continue fighting for what is right and to stand up for victim's rights.

After years as a State Prosecutor, Grant joined a nationally recognized law firm where he litigated 4th amendment issues and personal injury cases. Over the years, it became apparent that bed bugs were becoming a troublesome problem across the United States. Grant was approached by a young family who had been injured at a local hotel. The family was awarded a large settlement after months of negotiations. After that, Grant started learning as much as he could about bed bugs. Grant read many books about bed bugs, attended pest management seminars and cultivated relationships with pest management professionals and entomologists. After many successful years of practice and litigation, Grant decided to focus his work on bed bug injury cases. Grant has gained a national reputation as a passionate trial lawyer.

Grant started Bed Bug Law with the idea that nobody should have to suffer injuries while they are at their most vulnerable. Bed bug injuries occur most often while the victim is asleep in bed or simply relaxing at home. Sleep and rest are crucial elements to maintaining good mental and physical health. Bed bug bites are painful, last for weeks and can even cause permanent scarring. The mental impact of bed bugs can affect victims for a lifetime. Nobody should have to suffer bed bug bites at a hotel, motel, resort, cruise ship, Airbnb or any other rental property. Further, Grant believes that one of the worst things that can happen to a person's mental health is when their own home becomes infested with bed bugs. This most often occurs after the delivery of recently purchased or rented of furniture.

Bed Bug cases are often opposed aggressively by defendants and will often require litigation in State and Federal Court systems or through the American Arbitration Association. Grant has dedicated his career to speaking up for those who cannot and to make every effort to make hotel owners and operators, apartment owners and operators, and furniture retailers pay for exposing his clients to bed bugs. Grant is a skilled negotiator, who has been particularly successful in resolving disputes without costly and time-consuming litigation. Grant believes that gathering evidence and preparing each case as though it were going to trial is an important practice in bed bug cases.

Despite his passion for his work and the law, Grant most enjoys his time spent with his family and caring for his garden. Grant has a large collection of rare and exotic plants, flowers, and trees.