What is the Average Bed Bug Lawsuit Value?

Bed bugs will bite one out of every five people—so if you have been attacked by these nasty pests, you are not alone. The rise of bed bug infestations has affected much of the world, including every state in the United States. As a bed bug injury victim, there is a possibility that you could take legal action due to your injuries. But what is the bed bug lawsuit value? How much in damages could you expect to win?

Only an attorney experienced in bed bug cases can give you a reasonable estimate on your bed bug lawsuit value—and only after he or she examines every facet of your circumstances.

The answer to these questions can be somewhat frustrating for many injury victims. No one that went through what you did wants to hear, “It depends.” But this answer is the only one that is honest, because there are multiple factors that determine the value of your case.

What is the Average Bed Bug Lawsuit Value?

How Do You Determine Bed Bug Lawsuit Value?

There are many things to consider in a bed bug case, including:

How many times you were bitten.

Some bed bug bite victims are bitten three or four times. Others are covered from head to toe in bites. You can see an example of these bud bug bites below –

What is the Average Bed Bug Lawsuit Value?

How severe your reaction was to the bites.

The physical reaction people have to bed bug bites varies widely. Some people will experience little more reaction than they would if they were bitten by a mosquito. Others will experience severe swelling and unbearable itching. The more severe the reaction, the more difficulties that come with it. You may be unable to stop scratching, tearing skin and risking infection. You may be unable to sleep, work, etc.

How long the property owner knew about the infestation.

One big factor in bed bug cases is how long the owner knew about the infestation. There have been instances of property owners or managers being well-aware of a bed bug infestation for an extended period of time, yet still allowing guests to stay in the rooms. The longer the owner knew, the more negligent he or she is considered by the court.

What measures the owner took to address the infestation.

Did the owner do his or her best to eliminate the bed bugs by calling in a professional exterminator? Or did he or she try to cut corners and use an ineffective pesticide picked up at the store? The right thing to do is bring in a professional, but some owners choose to save money and assume they can handle it personally.

What costs you incurred due to the infestation.

After the attack, you will have had to go through a tedious process to get treatment and avoid an infestation in your own home. You may have had to seek medical care. You may have had to bring in an exterminator to treat your home—after you unknowingly brought home bed bugs from a hotel or motel. Often furniture and clothing must be destroyed, which brings further costs for replacement.

Your costs could include:

  • Replacing personal property
  • Hiring an exterminator for your home
  • Medical bills
  • Lost work
  • Surgical costs for cosmetic repair of scarring
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental health costs related to the attack

Punitive damages.

Sometimes when a landlord or owner is found to have knowingly endangered you, punitive damages will be awarded. These damages are meant as a form of punishment and a deterrent.

Get an Attorney that Knows Bed Bug Cases

When winning a case matters, the only reasonable option is to hire an experienced attorney. A bed bug attorney will know how to build the strongest possible case for you.

If you have been attacked by bed bugs and you think you have a potential lawsuit, please contact us. We are experienced bed bug law attorneys delivering bed bug lawsuit value to our clients. We also a multitude of testimonials you can find here – https://www.bedbuglaw.com/testimonials/

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  1. I believe the apartment knew there were bedbugs and still rented the apartment to me. I began finding large bedbugs 2 days after moving in & notified them immediately

  2. To better assist you, please either call us or visit http://www.bedbuglaw.com/do-i-have-a-case to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of helping you file a claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  3. I’m a personal victim of bed bug bites and I advise anybody that plans to visit Sacramento.Do not stay at the American Inn located in Downtown. The owners are in denial about having bed bugs and are very rude. I was awaken about 3am with bites and was not accomadated after reporting the incident too the owners.

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