Nursing Home Injury Caused by Bed Bugs

We Represent Victims of Nursing Home Injuries Caused by Bed Bugs

When your beloved parent or grandparent goes to live in an assisted living facility or nursing home, you want to know that he or she will be well-taken care of. Unfortunately, no matter how good the facility looked at first, there is always the risk of bed bug infestations. If the facility does not take proper precautions, bed bugs can quickly spread out and make residents miserable.Nursing Home Injury Caused by Bed Bugs

Our bed bug legal team has worked with a variety of clients from assisted living facilities and nursing homes. We understand what it takes to successfully pursue a bed bug case against such facilities and we are ready to go to work for you.

Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Home Injury Attorney – Prime Bed Bug Locations

Bed bugs are often found in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The fact is, bed bugs tend to infest any area where people gather.  This is especially true when people are coming and going regularly.  The bugs tend to ride into a new location in the luggage of visitors and residents.  Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and can travel on peoples clothes or even their bodies. Once they find themselves in a new room, they spread out and look for a place to setup a colony.

Bed bugs may have an even easier time in locations occupied by the elderly and the infirm. The more incapacitated the victim, the more likely the bed bugs can bite and breed for an extended period of time before they are noticed. If the victim fails to mention the bed bug bites – or the people caring for the victim do not listen to the victim when he or she complains – it gives the bed bugs that much more time to infest the area.

The biggest problem with bed bugs in assisted living facilities and nursing homes is that many of these facilities are poorly managed.  Management often attempts to cut corners or are ignorant of how damaging bed bugs can be. Instead of hiring a pest control professional and administering multiple treatments, some facilities may try to treat the problem themselves. Some facilities may drive the bed bugs into hiding, only to make the problem worse and cause it to spread.

We are Here to Listen and Help

Often when the families of victims call us, their first feelings are ones of anger and shock. How could the people caring for your Nursing Home Injury Caused by Bed Bugs  loved one allow this to happen? It is our job as your attorneys to listen to your story and help you understand your legal options.

Complaints from residents at assisted living facilities are common.  Sometimes we ignore the complaints from residents simply looking for attention, but other times there are legitimate concerns that need dealing with.  We understand how shocking it can be to find your family member covered in itchy red bumps.  The constant itching and insomnia is more than just uncomfortable, it can be a harrowing experience for residents. If the victim scratches the bites repeatedly, they can become infected. It can take a lot of time and extra medical care and patience to get through the ordeal.

How to Start a Bed Bug Lawsuit for Nursing Home Injury Cases

While a bed bug lawsuit cannot take back what happened, it can hold those responsible and get your family compensation for the damage that was inflicted. We can often collect damages for medical care, mental anguish, pain and suffering, etc. As long as we can prove that the nursing home was negligent in a way that lead to the injuries, there is a good chance we can win your case.

There is no need to deal with this all on your own. If your loved one was a victim of bed bug bites in an assisted living facility or nursing home, please contact us. We are here to represent you.  Call us today, speak to an experienced bed bug attorney regarding your claim.Nursing Home Injury Caused by Bed Bugs

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