See Bed Bug Bite Pictures

This page is a helpful resource for bed bug bite pictures. If you think you may have received bed bug bites and are unsure what they might look like or do not know how to assess if you have received bed bug bites, these pictures are a great resource for you.

If you would like to submit your bed bug bite pictures and contribute to the community of those who have encountered bed bug bites, use the link below to submit them to the Bed Bug Law team.

» Click here to upload pictures of bed bugs and/or bed bug bites.

Bed Bug Pictures

Bed Bug Bites Pictures

» Click here to upload pictures of bed bugs and/or bed bug bites.

2 thoughts on “See Bed Bug Bite Pictures”

  1. I was staying in motel in north carolina, and got bit by bed bugs, on back of head and arm and cheek. I have pictures. Of bugs on my bed, blood on pillowcase and yellow stains on pillowcase. Also pictures of my bites. CAN YOU HELP ME. I need an attorney.

  2. Sheldon,

    If you send us the photos of the bed bugs and your injuries, we can evaluate your claim and potentially help you recover a settlement from the motel. Contact us for your free case evaluation.

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