Bed Bugs in Rental Furniture

With reports of bed bugs in schools, hospitals and homes – in addition to all the reports in hotels and motels – it makes sense to look everywhere for the pests. You want to be careful that you do not bring the bed bugs home with you, so it is worthwhile to be on the lookout. But there are some places that pose a risk that you may not be aware of – such as furniture rental companies.  Bed bug furniture infestations are common and are awful when they happen to you.rental furniture infested with bed bugs

Furniture is expensive, especially if you have children.  Not many people are able to afford to spend thousands of dollars to furnish every room in an apartment, condo or single family home.  Rental furniture companies fill this space by offering low prices for seemingly quality home furnishings.  Rental furniture companies such as Aaron’s, Rent-A-Center, Bob’s Discount Furniture and others seem like a great deal for people unable to furnish an entire home.  Not only are these companies often over-charging in the long run, the furniture is often infested by bed bugs.

An Unexpected Risk – Rental Furniture

Furniture rental companies like Rent a Center and Aaron’s offer customers a way to get the furniture they want for their home for a low upfront cost. You pick out the furniture you like and pay a monthly rental fee to keep it and use it. The concept is simple enough – but things get a bit more complicated when you bring bed bugs into the picture. Rent from the wrong company and you may wind up bringing home more than furniture.

Underside of a mattress infested with bed bugs purchased at a major retailer
Underside of a mattress infested with bed bugs purchased at a major retailer

A Florida family recently found out the risks of rental furniture the hard way. They filed a lawsuit against the rental company Aaron’s claiming they rented a bed that had bed bugs in it. According to the lawsuit, the bed bugs infested the family’s home. They had to throw out all of their clothes and furniture. The only option they had left was to take legal action against the company that delivered a bed bug infested mattress.

Things to Know About Rental Furniture

Not all furniture in the building is new.

Some of the customers of rental businesses run into financial troubles and are unable to pay their monthly fees. After enough missed payments, the company will repossess the furniture. Depending on the type of furniture, the company will often attempt to rent it out again to another customers – after cleaning it.

The cleaning process at rental companies is not always sufficient to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs have not always been such an issue in the U.S. While they were a problem sometimes, it is only recently that they have been really wreaking havoc. Most furniture rental companies are not on the lookout for bed bugs. Their cleaning practices for returned or repossessed furniture are often not thorough enough to eliminate bed bugs.

You could easily bring home bed bugs, even if the furniture you rent is new.

The worst part about renting furniture is that you do not have to rent used to bring home bed bugs. Bed bugs are known to travel from mattresses to luggage, and from luggage to furniture. Even if you are renting a new piece of furniture, if it was stored in the same building as an infested piece it could have bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bug Furniture Infestation

If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home, you should inspect your furniture and your bed. Bed bugs, larvae and eggs are all visible to the naked eye. You can also spot dark, rust colored flecks after they have been feeding.

fecal spotting from bed bugs infesting a mattress purchased from a rental company
fecal spotting from bed bugs infesting a mattress purchased from a rental company

It is best to inspect every piece of furniture before you let it into your home. If you spot the signs of bed bugs, notify the rental company and do not let the furniture inside your house.

You May Have Legal Options

If your home becomes infested with bed bugs due to rental furniture, you should contact us. If we can prove that the bed bugs came from the rental company, you may have a good claim.

Please contact our firm as soon as possible to discuss your bed bug case. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can get you the money you deserve.

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  1. On 2-27-2017 I rented a couch from Aaron’s rental I had the couch for about 2 1/2 mouths after having the couch for a couple of weeks..i noticed I was being bitten..i thought I was being bitten by flea’ I went to WalMart and got a gallon of flea spray..i sprayed it on the couch..and all throw the house.while sleeping on the couch after spraying and 4 weeks later..and many bits later..i had enough..i pulled the couch out from the wall on top on each corner in the seams there was bed bugs..its been a nightmare..i feel like something is crowing on me all the time..again it’s been a nightmare..

  2. Bed Bug furniture rental claims are very common. We receive a lot of calls regarding bed bug infested furniture from Aarons each year. Did you have your home inspected by a pest control expert? Have you contacted Aarons to let them know of the problem you are experiencing? These are important things to take care of before we can begin processing a claim for you. Fill out our “Do I Have a Case” form on our website at and upload some pictures of your injuries and the bugs. We will review your information and provide a case evaluation. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law.

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