Bed Bug Injury Attorneys Settle Airbnb Bed Bug Bites Case

We receive hundreds of calls each year regarding bed bug bites at Airbnb’s across the country.  While Airbnb is a huge company that provides a platform for people to rent their homes out across the world, we only work on cases that arise in the United States.

Airbnb Bed Bug Bites Case Solved

Recently, our investigation of a bed bug injury claim revealed that our client rented an apartment in New York City for a few days while on vacation.  After the first night of our client’s stay, she noticed some bumps and itchiness on her scalp, but thought little of it at the time.  On the third morning of our client reached out to the unit owner as she was considering extending her stay.  At the same time, she began to notice more bumps on her head and body.  After searching throughout the apartment, she found small bugs in the couch and under the mattress.  She searched online for photos of bed bugs and found a match.  Rather than asking about an extension of her stay, she instead sent the host a message stating he would be checking out immediately and that there was a bed bug issue in the apartment.  Our client then reported the incident to Airbnb.  The unit owner responded to the complaint after contact with Airbnb had been made.  He asked our client to cover up the incident and not report it.

We were able to confirm that there was a pre-existing bed bug infestation in the apartment.  Our client was bitten approximately 50 times by bed bugs in a New York City Airbnb.  After much discussion with both Airbnb and the apartment owner’s insurance carrier, we were able to obtain settlement for pain, suffering, medical bills and property damage.

What to Do if You Have Received Bed Bug Bites While Staying in an Airbnb

Bed Bug Injury Attorneys Settle Airbnb Bed Bug Bites Case

If you recently stayed in an Airbnb and were attacked by bed bugs, you may have the option of taking legal action. Visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you.  Once received, we can begin the process of evaluating and assisting you in filing a claim.

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