Think You Have a Bed Bug Injury Claim?

Bed bug bites are something that every regular traveler dreads. The more time you spend in hotels, the greater likelihood that you will become a bed bug bite victim. But you don’t have to be a regular traveler to become a victim. There is always a chance that the hotel or motel you choose—even if it is the only time you’ve ever stayed at one in your life—will have bed bugs.

So what do you do if you are the unfortunate victim of a bed bug attack? The first thing you should do is educate yourself about your rights. Know that getting bitten by bed bugs in a hotel or motel may mean you can take legal action. You might have a claim against the hotel owner, a claim that could win you significant damages for your injuries.

Think You Have a Bed Bug Injury Claim?

Do You Have a Bed Bug Injury Claim?

Not every bed bug attack leads to a successful lawsuit. That is why it is necessary to speak to a qualified bed bug lawyer before you assume you have a claim. There are several things that the lawyer will look for to determine how likely you are to have a winning case. Some of these include:


Negligence means that someone or a business knowingly acted in a way that made you vulnerable to a bed bug attack. A good example of negligence at a hotel would be a manager who knew about the bed bugs but did nothing about them. Or, the manager tried to exterminate them using cheap, ineffective methods to save money. Your lawyer needs to prove negligence to win your case.

Significant Bed Bug Injury Claims

Bed bug attacks can range from a few bites to bites covering someone from head to toe. Some people react quite violently to bed bug bites. They may itch badly, scratch non-stop for days, tearing their skin, getting infections, and be unable to sleep. Other bite victims may not react so strongly, but they can still suffer injury by having bed bugs hitch a ride with them and infest their homes. Getting rid of bed bugs is expensive.

To make a case worthwhile, your injuries need to be substantial enough to warrant the time, energy and cost of pursuing a case. Your lawyer will try to find all types of injury, including physical, mental and financial to decide on taking your case.

What Kind of Bed Bug Injury Damages Can You Collect?

All lawsuits are challenging. They take time and serious effort on the part of your attorney, and the inevitably put you through some stress. Why bother? Because if you win, you not only get to hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries, you also get to collect damages.

There are various types of damages you can collect, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Replacement costs for furniture that must be thrown out or destroyed
  • Costs related to exterminating the bed bugs from your home
  • Surgical costs if you have to have cosmetic surgery to fix scarring
  • Ongoing medical care if needed
  • Mental health costs related to your injuries

You may collect some of these damages, all of them, or different types of damages based on your individual case. Your lawyer can explain the different ways you can seek compensation based on your circumstances.

You Need a Bed Bug Lawyer

Anyone can file bed bug claims, but few people have the training and experience to win those claims. There are so many little details that make up a strong case. The odds of getting it all right without training are slim. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

If you have a bed bug injury, we want to hear your story. Please contact us to discuss your rights and your options for taking legal action.

4 thoughts on “Think You Have a Bed Bug Injury Claim?”

  1. I stayed at the Extended stay hotel from 12/14/18-12/16/18. On 12/15/18 about four in the morning My boyfriend and I were bitten by bed bugs. It was bitten In my left eye and left forearm before I woke up and he was bitten in his back and legs. my eye has swollen so much that I finally had to go to the ER for treatment.

  2. I spent two night at a Diana beach hotel in Florida. After the first night I noticed welts all over my up body and my backside.
    I thought it may have been an allergy so I took an allergy pill.
    The second night I was unable to sleep. When I got up to use the bathroom I noticed two little bugs on the floor. I killed them examined them and discarded them, not realizing that they were bed bugs.
    Next morning I was very uncomfortable, itching and painful welts and bits all over my upper body. I reported this to the front desk. I told her I suspected bed bugs.
    She falsely stated that the room had just been inspected semi monthly. When I later asked for evidence of the inspection it did not exist.

  3. Linda, bed bug injuries at hotels in Florida are on the rise in a big way. What you have experienced is unfortunately very common. We have represented thousands of individuals in situations just like yours. Please call us to discuss your potential bed bug injury claim.

  4. Theresa, the extended stay hotel chain has locations across the country. Bed bug injuries are painful and can leave permanent marks. Fortunately, the physical injuries often heal, however the mental anguish and anxiety experienced by bed bug bite victims can last for years. We are available any time to discuss your potential claim. Contact our office for a free case evaluation.

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