Bed Bugs in an Orlando Airbnb

Are you staying in Orlando visiting the world-famous amusement parks or for a conference? Orlando, Florida is a frequent destination for many vacationers and professionals across the world resulting in over 68 million visits annually. Unfortunately, with the intense numbers associated with travel in Orlando, bed bugs come with those travelers and with the rise of services like Airbnb, many Airbnb hosts are not prepared or understand the bed bug epidemic that ultimately affects their guests.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small pesky insects that are about .45 centimeters in length, have round and oval shaped, dark brown to light brown bodies. They love human blood as they use it for their nutrition and completely engorge themselves sometimes increasing up to 2x in size. When they bite, they will leave large red welts on your skin usually in a clustered area. Here’s a close up of a bed bug –

Bed Bugs in an Orlando Airbnb

Here’s a diagram showing the lifecycles of a bed bug –

Bed Bugs in an Orlando Airbnb

How do Bed Bugs get around?

Strictly referring to Airbnb homes in Orlando, Florida, bed bugs often hang on to the luggage that travelers bring with them as they travel the world. Once they are in luggage or clothing, bed bugs infest the Airbnb. If you are staying in Airbnb in Orlando that is an apartment, condo or villa, they can travel from apartment to apartment through walls and other openings considering bed bugs love dark spaces and hide within mattresses and dark areas within the home.

What Should I Do Once I’ve Found Bed Bugs in My Orlando Airbnb?

Take photos and video. If you have indeed found bed bugs, take pictures and video of the bed bugs in the areas where you found them. Take photos and videos of your injuries and any other family members that have stayed with you.

Capture the bed bugs. Grab a plastic bag and capture the bed bugs as it will allow you to gather evidence and documentation to show negligence.

Notify Airbnb and the Airbnb Host. Immediately notify Airbnb and the Airbnb host via the Airbnb messaging feature. Take screenshots of the messages on your phone of both of the conversations.

Contact the Bed Bug Law team. You may be eligible for compensation for your bed bug injuries you have received at an Orlando Airbnb. Fill out our “Do I Have a Case” form or call us at 855-533-5552. We have represented clients that have received injuries from bed bugs in Airbnb homes as a result of Airbnb host’s negligence and we can help you with your case.

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