Personal Injury Lawyers Settle Families’ Case For $35,000.00 Without Having to File a Lawsuit

Our clients, a mother and her three children, were guests at an extended stay hotel in Orlando, Florida. Three days into their stay, Ms. H (the mother) observed bite marks and bumps on one of her child’s arms and legs. Not sure what the source of the bites was, Ms. H took her child to an urgent care the next day. The treating physician informed Ms. H that her child had been bit by an insect. When Ms. H returned to the hotel, she reported what the doctor had told her to a representative of the hotel. The representative told Ms. H she would make a report and have a professional exterminator come to the hotel and do an inspection. Ms. Hall demanded she and her children be moved to another room, but the request was refused.

Personal Injury Lawyers Settle Families' Case For $35,000.00 Without Having to File a Lawsuit Two days later, more bites appeared, but this time on all the children and Ms. H. The bites did not go away, so Ms. H decided to take all of her children to the local hospital for further medical treatment. On the last day of their stay, Ms. H observed a bed bug crawling on one of the beds in the room. Ms. H immediately killed the bug, stripped the sheets and observed multiple bed bugs running on the mattress. Next, Ms. H captured a couple of the bed bugs and brought them to the main office to show to a representative of the hotel. The representative at the main office refused Ms. H’s 2nd request to be moved to another room. Moments later, Ms. H and her children checked out of the hotel.

An estimated three days after checking out of the hotel, Ms. H returned to the extended stay hotel to check on the results of exterminator’s findings. When Ms. H arrived at the hotel she was able to speak with a representative from the pest control company. The exterminator informed Ms. H that her room had been infested with bed bugs. Ms. H spoke with the on duty manager at the hotel and he apologized for what had happened and told her someone from corporate would contact her. Ms. H Never heard from anyone at corporate.

Upset and not sure what to do next, Ms. H contacted and retained one of our attorneys. Once we received all the medical records, bills, photos, and supporting evidence from Ms. H we prepared and presented a complete demand package to the insurance carrier on behalf of the hotel. Within a couple of weeks, an offer was made to resolve the claim. Ms. H was very upset with the offer and treatment she was getting from the hotel and their insurance carrier. Ms. H requested we file a lawsuit and proceed with litigation. We prepared a lawsuit and provided a copy of the complaint to the insurance carrier. Before the complaint was filed, the insurance adjuster assigned to the case contacted one of our bed bug lawyers and made an offer that was thousands of dollars more than the initial offer. In the end, our lawyers successfully resolved the claims for $35,000.00. Ms. H are her children were very happy with result.

If you have encountered bed bugs while staying at a hotel contact one of our personal injury attorneys today. Our lawyers know how to navigate the tricky waters of personal injury litigation.

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