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There are Bed Bugs in my Hotel Room. What Should I do? Can I sue the Hotel? Contact an Attorney?

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Bed bug infestations in hotels and motels are becoming more popular than ever before across the country. If you or a loved one has been injured by bed bugs due to no fault of your own, contact an attorney immediately to learn what your legal rights are. In the event you or a loved one suffer injuries or damages due to bed bugs while staying at a hotel or motel you should do the following in order to best preserve evidence in the event you decide to file a lawsuit or bring an injury claim:

1. Report the finding of bed bugs, injuries or any evidence of a bed bug infestation to the manager, housekeeping, front desk attendant or any representative at the hotel or motel.

2. Request that a representative from the hotel or motel draft a report documenting any and all evidence in relation to the incident. Make sure the report includes the date, time, location (room number) and any witness’s names and the contact information for all witnesses involved, for example: employee names or people with you in the room. Most importantly make sure to get a copy of the report for your own records.

3. Checkout of the hotel/motel or switch to another room far away from the infested room as soon as possible. Before you move your personal items from the room request the hotel/motel properly treat all of your belongings. The last thing you want to do is bring any bed bugs home with you or further spread the infestation.

4. Get medical treatment for your bed bug bites at a walk in clinic, with your primary care doctor, a dermatologist or at a local emergency room hospital. It is absolutely necessary that you follow all directions provided by the medical provider in reference to medications and treatment.

5. TAKE PHOTOS of all your bed bug bites.

6. TAKE PHOTOS of the bed bugs.

7. TAKE PHOTOS of the room, specifically any evidence of bed bugs, for example, fecal spots (black spots on a mattress or bedding), blood stains, dead bed bugs, bed bug eggs, and bed bug skin. Take photos of anything that you reasonably think could be related to the bed bugs.

8. TAKE PHOTOS of your personal property, for example, luggage, clothing, electronics, and all items that you had in the room with you that may have come in contact with the bed bugs.

9. MORE PHOTOS, Good quality photos are the single best piece of evidence you have in your claim. Don’t be scared to take too many photos, the more photos the stronger your case. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to back up your photos in the event you accidentally delete them or lose the device you took them with.

10. VIDEOS are another great tool for collecting evidence. If you have the capability to records any of the above listed items, it is a great idea to do so in addition to the photos.

11. CAPTURE THE BED BUGS: If possible capture as many bed bugs as you can. Place the bugs in a plastic bag and store them somewhere safe.

12. Keep records and receipts for all out of pocket expenses. For example, medical bills, prescription receipts, hotel/motel bill, room key, clothing receipts, names of people you spoke with and receipts/invoices for all expenses incurred as a result of the infestation.

13. Contact the Department of Health and Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Make a report of the infestation with each department and request past reports that have been filed against the hotel or motel. Do not forget to write down the report number and the names of all the people you speak with at the respective department.

14. MOST IMPORTANTLY keep a journal or a notebook. In the journal/notebook document all the events and details surrounding your bed bug claim. Keep detailed notes of the names of any person you speak with, for example the names of any managers, housekeepers, exterminators, doctors, representatives from the Department of Health and Department of Business and Professional Regulations, and persons that have knowledge or information about the incident. You should include the date and the time for each entry made in your notebook. Also, include the number of bites and detail the progression of your injuries. It is important that you document everything and anything that you think may be important to your claim.

15. DO NOT speak with an insurance company on behalf of the hotel or motel before consulting with an attorney.

16. DO NOT sign any documents provided by a hotel/motel employee without first having an attorney review the documents. Do not let the hotel/motel trick you into signing a release in exchange for a couple of free night at the property or a minimal cash settlement.

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