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Attorney Secures Settlement for Woman Bit by Bed Bugs at an Oregon Holiday Inn Express

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Blog

Our client, Ms. A, a nurse from Utah, was bit nearly 60 times by bed bugs while staying at a Holiday Inn Express located in Oregon. Our bed bug attorneys successfully negotiated a settlement with the hotel. Ms. A’s settlement included compensation for lost wages (missed time from work), medical expenses, pest control services, bodily injuries, mental anguish, and inconvenience.

The facts of Ms. A’s claim are as follows: Ms. A spent one night at the Holiday Inn Express. When she awoke in the morning, she noticed a bed bug crawling on her arm. Ms. A immediately swat and killed the bug. Next, Ms. A got out of bed, observed more bed bugs on the bed and bites on her arms. Then, Ms. A called the pest control company that she uses at her home to inquire about what she had to do to prevent bringing the bed bugs home with her. Moments later, Ms. A called the front desk and reported her findings and injuries. The receptionist told Ms. A she would send someone from the maintenance department to her room. When the maintenance man showed up at Ms. A’s room she showed him the live bed bugs, dead bed bugs and carcasses.

It is a good idea to contact a local pest control provider to do a preventive inspection of your home for bed bugs after returning home from a bed bug infested hotel.

Ms. A then gathered her belonging and proceeded to check out of the hotel. Then, Ms. A went to her work presentation as planned. After her presentation she checked into another hotel and spent the day following the instructions provided by her exterminator in order to prevent the spread of bed bugs. One day after checking out of the hotel, Ms. A received a phone call from a representative of Holiday Inn Express confirming the pest control company retained by the hotel identified the presence of bed bugs in her room. The next day, Ms. A’s local pest control provider performed a preventive bed bug treatment at her home.

As a result of the bites, Ms. A suffered from severe itching, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. These symptoms are all too common for victims of bed bug bites. Ms. A sought medical treatment for her injuries on three separate occasions over the course of four weeks. The medications prescribed by her doctors helped reduce her symptoms and injures.

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