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What to Do If You’ve Found Bed Bugs in Your Villa

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | Bed Bug Blog

Villas across the country have become more popular for renters going on vacation or just to live in. In Orlando, Florida, a destination for those visiting Disney World and other properties, villas have become increasing more popular. In this thread from, you can see many individuals discussing how to compare rental villas in the area. Unfortunately, with the increased popularity, so to has the increase in bed bug infestations.

What to Do If You’ve Found Bed Bugs in Your Villa

Why is that, you may ask? Villas that experience new visitors frequently have the risk of those visitors bringing in bed bugs from their own homes through furniture, belongings, luggage and other personal items. Before accepting a rental, whether for living or vacation, it’s important to conduct a through inspection of the living areas. Here at Bed Bug Law, we specialize in helping those who have suffered from bed bugs and we’ll show you how to determine if you have bed bugs in your villa.

Determining If You Have Bed Bugs in Your Villa

If you have already moved in and accepted the villa, it’s absolutely possible that you did not cause the bed bug infestation, because villas have shared walls, the bed bugs could have spread from a neighboring villa. Additionally, if you have patches of red welts across your body, these could be caused bed bug bites while you are sleeping in your villa.

It’s important to understand why bed bugs are found in villas and that’s for one reason, nourishment. Bed bugs feed on human blood to survive and hide in places that are most efficient for them to feed. Bed bugs are most commonly found in dark, unlit areas within furniture and in beds. Bed bugs can vary significantly in their appearance based on age, use the diagram below to familiarize yourself with their appearances –

What to Do If You’ve Found Bed Bugs in Your Villa

Before conducting your investigation, strip your bed of any linens and bedding material. Grab your cell phone, turn on the flashlight function and turn off all the lights in your villa. Closely inspect inside of drawers and furnishings that do not see light, then look in the ridges of your mattress. If you see dark-red stains in your mattress or see small insects, these could be bed bugs. Take pictures and video of them as they reside and, if possible, capture them in a very secure container.

Notifying the Villa’s Owners of the Bed Bugs

It’s important to then notify the owners of the villa that you are renting of the bed bug infestation. When reaching out to the appropriate individuals, make sure you take clear notes and documentation of your interactions with them. If they are liable, this is an important step in order to prove your case should you want to take legal action.

Contact a Villa Bed Bug Attorney

Bed Bug Law is a law firm dedicated to helping victims who have suffered as a result of a bed bug infestation while renting a villa. We do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your Villa bed bug infestation case. If you or a loved one has suffered from bed bugs, contact the attorneys at Bed Bug Law by filling out the “Do I Have a Case” form or by calling 855-533-5552.