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What to Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a Pensacola, Florida Hotel

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2020 | Bed Bug Blog

With Pensacola, Florida seeing a 30% increase in visitors since 2017, according to, it’s not a surprise to see a significant rise in bed bug infestations and bed bug bites when staying at hotels. Bed bug bites at hotels are directly linked to areas seeing large amounts of visitors. Why is that you might ask? Typical bed bug infestations start from visitors bringing them from their home into their hotel room. The bed bugs spread from room to room through walls or even through swapped furnishings and mattresses.

What to Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a Pensacola, Florida Hotel

Here at Bed Bug Law, we have seen cases where visitors staying at a hotel in Pensacola, Florida have suffered from bed bug infestations. These bed bugs feed on human blood to survive and can vary in appearance sometimes getting them confused with other insects. So what do you do if you have found bed bugs in your Pensacola hotel room? Here’s what Bed Bug Law, the Bed Bug Lawyers recommend.

Confirming a Pensacola Hotel Bed Bug Infestation

As stated previously, bed bugs feed on human blood as their primary form of nutrition. Bed bugs hide in places that are convenient for them to feed. The most common place bed bugs are found in a hotel room are in dark, un-lit places and where you sleep, this includes any linens and the mattress in your Pensacola hotel room. We recommend that you remove any linens, coverings and other material from your mattress, grab your cell phone and turn on your flashlight function. Closely inspect the bed bugs in the ridges of the mattress and in any pillows by shining your flashlight through them. Use the following diagram to help you in your search to confirm the presence of bed bugs –

What to Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a Pensacola, Florida Hotel

Take Pictures & Video of Bed Bugs & Any Injuries

Did you find any bed bugs? Take pictures and video of them in their location where you found them. If you have large red welts or patches over your body after waking up in the morning or during the night, make sure you take pictures of your injuries. It’s also advised that you attempt to capture the bed bugs in a secure container after taking pictures & video of bed bugs in their original place. This is an important step to prove your case.

Contact the Pensacola Hotel Management Team

Next, notify the Pensacola hotel management team of the bed bug infestation. Take clear notes of whom you spoke with including their job titles and any contact information. If they took any steps to remediate the issue, take notes of that as well. If you have any injuries, make sure that you inform that as well. Next, you should contact a Bed Bug Attorney.

Reach Out to a Pensacola Bed Bug Attorney

If you have suffered as a result of bed bugs while staying in a Pensacola, Florida hotel room, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. Contact the Lawyers at Bed Bug Law by filling out a completely FREE case evaluation form at /do-i-have-a-case/. We do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case.