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Dealing with Bed Bugs in Hotels at Oak Ridge, Florida

by | Apr 11, 2021 | Bed Bug Blog

Oak Ridge, Florida is a prime spot for travelers looking to visit the amusement parks at Universal Studios. According to, Oak Ridge has a significant amount of retail sales due to its close proximity to Universal. Unfortunately, many hotels located in Oak Ridge, Florida have to keep a particular eye out for bed bug infestations due to the amount of travelers in the area.

Dealing with Bed Bugs in Hotels at Oak Ridge, Florida

These bed bug infestations can cause emotional and physical harm to guests staying in these hotels that can potentially last a lifetime. In this blog post by Bed Bug Law, the leading law firm advocating for victims of bed bug bites, we’ll go through how to identify and deal with a bed bug infestation in a Oak Ridge hotel room.

Identifying Bed Bugs at a Oak Ridge Hotel

Bed bugs can vary significantly in their appearance based on their lifecycle. Before beginning your investigation, please familiarize yourself with the diagram below –

Dealing with Bed Bugs in Hotels at Oak Ridge, Florida

Bed bugs’ primary form of nutrition is human blood which means that they hide in places that are convenient for them to feed. You can find bed bugs hiding in places such as your mattress, in furniture and generally, in any places where there isn’t much light. Generally, bed bug infestations start due to large amounts of travelers (as expected in Oak Ridge, Florida) bringing in their personal belongings which have bed bugs attached to them. As they stay in the hotel, the bed bugs will explore and cause an infestation in the room where they can have easy access to food.

When bed bugs bite you, they will leave large red welts which will itch when you wake up. They will generally feed when you are sleeping leaving byproducts behind in the bed. If you have woken up with these welts or see unexpected blood in your bed, you will want to strip your bed completely of any linens, closely inspect the bed and take photos/video of the bed bugs according to the diagram above. If you can, attempt to capture them in a completely secure container to gather evidence of the infestation.

Contact the Oak Ridge Hotel Management Team

After finding bed bugs in your Oak Ridge hotel, you should contact the hotel management team and make them aware of the issue. Clearly document the interactions you had with the management team including dates/times, names, titles and other relevant details. If they provide any accommodations, document those as well.

Consult with a Oak Ridge Bed Bug Attorney like Bed Bug Law

If you have suffered as a result of a bed bug infestation while staying at a Oak Ridge, Florida hotel, you should consult with an attorney. Bed bugs can cause long-term emotional, mental and physical problems that may allow you to receive compensation!

Here at Bed Bug Law, we do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case! To receive your completely FREE case evaluation, fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form on our website at /do-i-have-a-case/. A Bed Bug Law team member will be in touch shortly once your request was received.