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Found Bed Bugs in a Cabin? Here’s What To Do!

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Bed Bug Blog

Ah, the great outdoors! Here at Bed Bug Law, we have seen growing interest for people and their families to stay in a cabin as a vacation. According to, the COVID-19 pandemic and social media has pushed many families to look at more secluded vacations like staying in a cabin.

Unfortunately, many may not realize that the same risk that exists for bed bugs at a “packed” hotel is the same for staying a cabin. Bed bugs are tenacious insects that can cause severe physical and mental harm.

Found Bed Bugs in a Cabin? Here’s What To Do!

Here at Bed Bug Law, we represent individuals and their families who have suffered from bed bug bites or bed bugs in general while staying at a cabin. If you think you have found bed bugs while staying in a cabin, this blog post will go through what you should do next.

Identifying Bed Bugs at Your Cabin

Bed bugs can easily be confused for other types of bugs. This can be particularly difficult when you think about the environment that you are in while staying at a cabin. Typically, bed bugs can infest a cabin by being brought in by past travelers from their homes and past travels. If management is not good about properly inspecting and eliminating bed bugs, they can put their guests at risk. Bed bugs can have a variety of appearances based on their age, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with this diagram below before continuing your investigation –

Found Bed Bugs in a Cabin? Here’s What To Do!

Bed bugs loves to hide in places where it’s convenient to feed. When bed bugs bite, they leave large red welts in the area where they fed which can cause some significant discomfort. Bed bugs feed on human blood as their form of nourishment and their most “coveted” place to stay, is in a bed.

Before starting your investigation, make sure you that you strip your bed of any linens, covers or comforters. Get an idea of places in the cabin where there isn’t much activity or it’s generally dark even with light in the cabin.

Next, turn off all of the lights in the cabin and grab your flashlight (or use your phone as a flashlight). Closely inspect the bed and mattress for any dark-red stains, insect eggs, or bed bugs as shown in the diagram above. Then, check those dark and generally un-lit areas within the cabin like within a drawer or any furniture.

If you have found bed bugs, it’s important to take as many photos or video as much as possible of them in the place where they are found. If at all possible, attempt to capture them in a VERY secure container like a jar or something that can ensure security. Additionally, take pictures of your bed bug injuries while staying at the cabin and keep them safe.

Contacting Cabin Management

Next, it’s time to make the management team of the cabin aware of the bed bug issue. Be sure to take clear notes and document your communications with them including names, titles and contact information of the individuals you spoke with.

Contact a Cabin Bed Bug Attorney

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