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Dealing with Bed Bugs in a Austin, Texas Hotel

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Bed Bug Blog

Through recent years Austin, Texas has become a huge travel destination for many families and business across the nation. According to, over 68.5 million trips were made to Austin, Texas in 2017. Whether you want to experience the beautiful views in downtown Austin or the unique and beautiful homes in the Austin suburbs, you may want to be aware of the large risk of bed bugs. With the increased travel to Austin, comes an increased responsibility of hotels to manage potential bed bug infestations.

Here at Bed Bug Law, we are attorneys representing individuals who have suffered as a result of bed bugs in Austin, Texas. We’ve seen that some hotels in Austin, Texas are not the best at dealing with the bed bug epidemic that has occurred across the United States.

Dealing with Bed Bugs in a Austin, Texas Hotel

In this blog post, we’ll go through how to identify bed bugs while staying at an Austin, Texas hotel, how to notify the management team at the hotel and your opportunities to collect compensation should you choose to do so.

Identifying Bed Bugs at a Austin, Texas Hotel

Bed bugs are tenacious insects that can be easily confused for others. Before continuing your investigation, review this diagram we prepared that shows the various stages in the lifecycle of a bed bug –

Dealing with Bed Bugs in a Austin, Texas Hotel

Bed bugs feed on human blood as their primary source of nutrients and as you may suspect, they can be found in beds, behind decorative furniture/pictures and in areas that are relatively unlit. When bed bugs bite, they can leave large red welts across your body that you may not notice until in the morning.

Go ahead and grab your cell phone with flashlight functionality (or just a plain old flashlight), remove all of the coverings and other linens from your bed, then, turn off the lights in your hotel room. Closely inspect the ridges and the sides of the mattress. If you see small brown-reddish stains, eggs (as shown above) or insects, you may have found bed bugs in your Austin, Texas hotel room!

If you have found bed bugs, take as many pictures and video of them as possible. Should you like to pursue a case, this is important evidence to capture. Once you have taken those pictures and video, if you are comfortable, attempt to capture the bed bugs in a secure container like a jar or very secure bag. Additionally, check other areas in your hotel room to see if you see any signs of the bed bugs.

Contacting Hotel Management

If you have found bed bugs in your Austin, Texas hotel, it’s a good idea to contact hotel management and inform them of the situation. Clearly take notes/document your interactions with them including names, contact information and titles. If they offer any compensation, note that as well.

Consulting an Austin, Texas Bed Bug Lawyer

Bed Bug Law, the Bed Bug Attorneys, specialize in dealing with bed bug infestations across the country and in Austin, Texas. If you have suffered as a result of bed bugs while staying at an Austin hotel, you may be eligible for compensation.

We offer a completely FREE case evaluation through our “Do I Have a Case?” form which you can fill out here. We also do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case! You can also call our offices at 855-533-5552 to speak to a Bed Bug Law team member.

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