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How to Deal with Bed Bugs in a Memphis, Tennessee Hotel

by | Jan 9, 2022 | Bed Bug Blog

Memphis, Tennessee has become quite the travel destination for many within the United States. Whether it’s the attraction of the beautiful Blues music or the sights of the city, Memphis is a great city to visit. However, due to the significant increases of travelers, there’s a higher risk of bed bugs infestations being encountered in hotels. There is a strong correlation between bed bug infestations and major metropolitan areas. According to 2020 Census data on, Memphis has seen an increase in population when compared to the 2010 Census. Memphis hotels have a big responsibility to ensure that their hotels are safe, clean and protected from bed bugs. Bed bugs can not only cause mental, emotional and physical harm, but they can also tarnish and significantly damage your possessions. If you have encountered bed bugs while staying in a Memphis, Tennessee hotel, this post will be your best guide.

How to Deal with Bed Bugs in a Memphis, Tennessee Hotel

Identifying Bed Bugs in Your Memphis, Tennessee Hotel Room

To properly identify bed bugs in your Memphis, Tennessee hotel room, you will need to understand a little more about bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on human blood to survive which act as their primary form of nutrition. The reason they are called bed bugs is because they are primarily found in beds where they can feed easily while you are sleeping. When bed bugs feed, they can leave large welts all over your body. Bed bugs can also hide in areas that are unlit and allow them convenience for feeding.

Bed bugs can vary significantly in appearance depending on the stage in their lifecycle. Before beginning your investigation further, you will want to familiarize yourself with the diagram below –

How to Deal with Bed Bugs in a Memphis, Tennessee Hotel

First thing you will want to do is grab your cellphone and a flashlight (or just use the flashlight function on your cellphone). Strip your bed of all covers, linens and other material. Closely inspect the material for any appearance of bed bugs or blood left behind by bed bug bites. If you have found bed bugs, take pictures/video of them, then capture them in a secure container. Taking those photos/videos and capturing the bed bugs is a key step in gathering evidence should you want to explore moving forward in a legal fashion.

Contact Hotel Management with Your Findings

Once you have found bed bugs in your Memphis hotel room, you will want to reach out to hotel management and make them aware of the situation. Make sure to take clear notes and document all the details of your discussions with them. If they offer any compensation or ask you to sign any documents, you may want to get in touch with us before doing so.

Contact Bed Bug Law, the Bed Bug Attorneys

We at Bed Bug Law represent those who have suffered as a result of bed bug injuries. If you have suffered as a result of bed bugs while staying a Memphis, Tennessee hotel, we strongly recommend you get in touch with us as you may be eligible for compensation! We do not charge ANY fees or have any costs unless we win your case!

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