Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Bed bugs may be a prominent issue during the summer

by | Jul 24, 2022 | Bed Bug Injuries

When a guest checks into a Florida hotel or visits a rental property, that individual has the right to a reasonable expectation of cleanliness and safety. This includes the assumption that the property is free from bed bugs and other pests that represent a threat to the well-being of guests. Monitoring for bed bug activity could be especially important during the summer months as experts believe this will be an ongoing and pressing matter that could affect many. 

Hot and humid months 

During the summer, temperatures and humidity rise. This means it will be more likely that certain pests, such as bed bugs, will become more prominent as they can thrive in this type of weather. Bed bugs may also be more of an issue during the summer months because this is a time of year when more people travel from place to place. This can lead to a spread in infestations. 

Bed bugs can be resistant to pesticides, and they can be difficult to eliminate from a hotel or rental property. This may be a problem in even the nicest of hotels, and guests would be wise to know the signs of an issue. If they see indications of an infestation, they will benefit from taking immediate action and notifying the hotel. 

Legal rights of guests 

If a Florida hotel guest suffers due to bed bugs, he or she does not have to stay silent. This is a problem that should be handled and addressed by the property owner, and in some cases, it may be appropriate to seek compensation. After experiencing a bed bug issue, it may help to discuss issues with an experienced attorney.