Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Where do you find bed bugs?

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are one of the most frustrating infestations that you could have in your home. These tiny bugs are very hard to spot, but they can do a lot of damage.

Once you bring some of them into your living space, they may quickly colonize hidden areas and multiply at a staggering rate until they start affecting your health and quality of life. Understanding where to find bug beds and the consequences they can cause will help you take the right steps after exposure to these dangerous insects.

Where should you look for bed bugs?

Often, the first real warning sign of bed bugs is the presence of unexplainable bug bites. You could spot them before they start causing major discomfort by checking your sheets and pillowcases for bloody spots when you notice unexpected bug bites.

They will often hide in darker areas, such as underneath mattresses or along the seams. They may also move into the box spring for the mattress or even live underneath the wallpaper near the bed.

Why do bed bugs matter?

You can easily bring bed bugs home after staying at a hotel, an Airbnb/VRBO, a timeshare, a vacation club or even a five-star resort. Improper inspections and cleaning performed by those that provide sleeping amenities can lead to infestations for paying customers. Those bugs will cause irritation and sometimes worse.

They feed off of humans and typically eat at night when people are asleep. You may not notice the bites when they first occur or immediately afterward, but you will eventually spot inflamed, pink spots on your skin. Any part of your skin exposed while you are sleeping is at risk of bites from bed bugs.

The bites are often itchy at first, and scratching can increase your risk of developing an infection. Some people develop blisters or have an allergic reaction that may lead to anaphylaxis. People may require extensive medical care and also expensive extermination services throughout their homes. They may even need to replace upholstered furniture and mattresses in severe cases.

Our firm specializes in bed bug liability cases, and we can potentially help you evaluate your situation so that you can pursue justice. Contact our firm today to discuss the details of your recent bed bug infestation and what you believe the origin may have been.