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2 medical issues that can develop because of bed bugs

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Bed Bug Bites

For the average person, bed bugs are a disgusting and expensive inconvenience. They may need help addressing the infestation that comes home with them from a hotel or similar facility. For some of the people exposed to bed bugs because of inadequate sanitation practices at hotels and motels, what starts out as a basic bed bug infestation may progress into something more serious.

The bites caused by bed bugs are typically small and will heal quickly, especially once someone takes steps to eliminate the bed bug population in their home so that they don’t suffer any new bites. For some people, medical intervention will the necessary because of a bed bug infestation.

What are two of the scenarios in which bed bugs will potentially lead to significant medical expenses for someone?

They have an allergic reaction

Allergies can provoke a broad range of physiological responses in the human body. The severity of the allergy and the degree of exposure will in large part determine how an allergy affects someone.

Those with mild allergies may notice more swollen and irritated bites than the average bug bite victim. In extreme cases, people may experience anaphylaxis, which may include vomiting, swelling of the airways and difficulty breathing. Those who have an allergic reaction to bed bug bites require intensive eradication efforts in their home and potentially hospitalization.


Although bed bug bites are not particularly traumatic compared with the physical damage larger animals can inflict, they still compromise the integrity of the skin, which can lead to infection. Some people are naturally more inclined to infection because of their immune systems, while others may be more likely to develop an infection because of environmental or workplace exposure to pathogens.

Especially when the bed bugs that have affected your health came from a hotel or motel, you may want to take legal action and seek compensation for the expenses caused by your exposure to bed bugs. Holding a business accountable for bed bug-related issues may compensate you for your losses and push a business to make more of an investment in sanitation for future customers.