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3 medical issues that could make bed bug bites more serious

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Bed Bug Injuries

When people talk about bed bugs, they often discuss them as an irritant and an expense rather than a significant health concern. While it is true that many healthy children and adults only experience a minor reaction from bed bugs, not everyone is that lucky.

Bed bugs sometimes cause serious health concerns for people who are already medically vulnerable. There are numerous health issues that could exacerbate the effect that bed bugs have on an individual’s well-being. These are some of the medical conditions that might make a bed bug infestation particularly medically concerning and, therefore, also potentially more expensive.

1. Hemophilia and other clotting issues

Hemophilia is a rare congenital health condition that affects someone’s ability to stop bleeding. Those with hemophilia can experience dangerous blood loss even after a minor injury, meaning that repeated bites by bed bugs could actually pose a health concern. There are also certain kinds of medications that can affect someone’s ability to clot even if they don’t have a diagnosis of hemophilia.

2. A compromised immune system

Quite a few different medical issues, arranging from HIV infections to lifelong predispositions can affect how well someone’s immune system stays off infection and also how quickly the body heals minor wounds. Those with a significantly compromised immune system may struggle to resolve an infection or even to heal from the bite inflicted by bed bugs.

3. Dementia and other cognitive issues

Technically, dementia does not automatically worsen the effect of bed bug bites, but it can exacerbate someone’s response to the issue. Those who cannot understand their situation or who struggle to follow the instructions provided by healthcare professionals, such as those with dementia and other cognitive issues, may scratch at bed bug bites or otherwise cause secondary harm that worsens their immediate symptoms.

Especially for families that have medical concerns which render a bed bite infestation a genuine health concern, holding a business like a hotel accountable for passing bed bugs to visitors and exposing them to financial and medical issues may be a necessary step to take. Identifying factors that could make a bed bug-related injury claim more complicated will potentially help who are those dealing with the aftermath of a recent infestation understand that they may need professional legal support to successfully obtain what they’re rightfully owed.