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What laws require hotels to provide pest-free accommodations?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2023 | Bed Bug Bites

That is a deceptively tricky question that has no easy answer, unfortunately. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 21 states have bed bug laws on the books as of 2019. However, most of these laws only address pests in landlord-tenant rental or lease situations.

Still, you can expect the law to offer some remedies for those impacted by bed bugs in a hotel room. Since you have probably never needed financial compensation for pest-related injuries before, we will help you learn about laws or rules that might help you recover restitution.

Premises liability laws

All states have rules for what happens after someone suffers harm on another person’s property. These laws cover injuries you may get at a neighbor’s barbecue or in a commercial establishment like a hotel or inn. 

Under premises liability law, you may recover compensation if you can show that the hotel is responsible for your bed bug bite injuries.

State sanitary regulations

Some states have rules that public lodging facilities must follow. For example, Florida’s regulations state that all bedding must be “thoroughly aired, disinfected, and kept clean.” 

If you can show that a hotel failed to comply with sanitary requirements, it might add weight to any legal action you take.

Seek guidance for personalized options

You can find a satisfactory remedy for your harm with perseverance and legal guidance, even if the information here does not help. Instead of giving up, reach out to our legal team to brainstorm the possible options. 

Depending on where your bad experience occurred, there may be other laws you can turn to strengthen the legal elements of your claim.