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The sneaky hitchhikers: You might miss bed bugs in a hotel room

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2024 | Hotels / Motels

When you’re on vacation with your family or traveling for business, few things are more unsettling than the idea of sharing your hotel room with bed bugs. These tiny, elusive pests can turn your relaxing stay in your hotel room into a nightmare.

Few things can shock you more than waking up from what you thought was a peaceful night to discover you’re itchy with mysterious bites. Why are bed bugs so easy to miss in a hotel room, and how can you tell if they’ve been feasting on you all night without your knowledge?

Bedbugs are often inactive during the day

Did you know that bedbugs are nocturnal insects that are primarily active in the night? No wonder it’s almost impossible to tell if a hotel room has bedbugs when you check in during the day. When nighttime comes, they wake up to feed on your blood. Suppose you checked for bedbugs when you checked in; they were probably hiding in small crevices within the bed and in other pieces of furniture. Since hotel rooms are unfamiliar environments, it can be hard to know where the insects normally hide.

The reddish-brown insects are masters of camouflage

If you’ve ever seen bedbugs, you know that they can be quite tiny. Furthermore, their reddish-brown color can make them hard to spot against furniture. Their flat bodies also allow them to squeeze into the tiniest nooks and crannies. So, even if you conduct a thorough bedbug search when you check into a hotel room, there’s still a chance you might miss them.

Bedbugs try not to wake you up

It’s not enough that these parasites wait until nighttime to start feeding; they also do their best not to wake you from your slumber. They come armed with an anticoagulant that gives them uninterrupted access to your blood and an anesthetic to numb the bite area. This combination can make their feeding process painless and undetectable in real time.

If you suspect bed bugs, don’t hesitate to inform hotel management immediately. A reputable hotel should take swift action to address the problem and relocate you to a different room. However, if no action is taken, a reliable legal team can guide you on how to pursue compensation for your injuries.