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Where to look for bed bug bites

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Bed Bug Bites

If you suffer from bug bites, the location of those bites on your body can be very telling. It helps you identify the type of bug that has been biting you. For example, if you have a pet with fleas, you may experience bites near your ankles.

However, this is not the same for bedbugs. Because they tend to bite while you are asleep, these bites usually show up on exposed skin. For instance, if you wear pants and a T-shirt while sleeping, you could have the majority of these bites on your face, your hands, your arms or your neck. The bugs are crawling on you while you are asleep, and it’s easier for them to reach almost any location on your body – unlike fleas – since you are lying down at the time.

What symptoms do these bites cause?

In many cases, bed bug bites lead to itching and related skin problems. They can be very frustrating and can sometimes even become infected. Those who suffer a substantial number of bed bug bites need to be very conscious of the health risks.

There can also be some mental health complications due to bed bugs. For instance, medical experts point out that these bites can lead to anxiety and insomnia. They could begin to disrupt your sleeping schedule, causing additional stress, and all of this takes a significant mental and emotional role. The disruption to your sleep schedule may also mean that you are dealing with significant fatigue on a daily basis.

What options do you have?

If you have been bitten by bed bugs, the good news is that you do have some legal options. Be sure you’re aware of all the steps you can take as you work your way through this process.