Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!


Bed Bugs and Mental Health

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on human blood while we sleep. Despite being a common pest for centuries, their resurgence in recent years has led to an increase in concern about their impact on mental health. The thought of these tiny creatures...

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Can you be allergic to bed bugs? 

Bed bugs usually create small red bite marks on the skin. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are careful to point out that they do impact everyone differently. The reaction that you have to a bed bug bite may be drastically different than the reaction...

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Where do you find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are one of the most frustrating infestations that you could have in your home. These tiny bugs are very hard to spot, but they can do a lot of damage. Once you bring some of them into your living space, they may quickly colonize hidden areas and multiply at a...

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What are the dangers of bed bugs?

Sleeping in a hotel or staying at a rental property should not come with an elevated risk of injury to the guest. While there are hazards one may consider when staying in a Florida hotel, guests often focus on issues they can easily spot. It may not be until they wake...

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