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How can you check your room for bed bugs? 

You and the family have booked a much-needed vacation. You’re looking forward to the time away and have booked what looks like a nice little hotel with a family suite.  You stayed the first night and everything seems to be well. Unfortunately, your child has woken up...

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How easily do bed bugs spread? 

Perhaps you already know that you’ve been exposed to bed bugs. Maybe you stayed in a hotel that had an infestation. Maybe you noticed bed bugs on the linens when you were staying at an Airbnb. Perhaps you simply visited a friend who later revealed that they had bed...

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Can you see a bed bug?

Hotels, motels and lodges can have all sorts of creatures you want to avoid. Finding a rat, mouse, snake or cockroach in your room can spoil your stay. However, those things are pretty easy to see with the naked eye. As soon as you spot one, you can get out of the...

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Hiring a Lawyer for Bed Bugs Found in a New Orleans Hotel

Did you know? According to, New Orleans received 18.51 million travelers in 2018. With a great music culture and sights, there’s plenty of reasons to visit New Orleans. Unfortunately, with the rise of visitors to New Orleans comes also the risk of bed bug infestations in New Orleans hotels. Travelers can bring in bed bugs from their own homes,…

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What To Do If You’ve Found Bed Bugs in a Portland, Oregon Hotel

Whether you are here to see Washington Park or the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Portland has many attractions for tourists across the country. Unfortunately, due to these amazing attractions and the increased travel rates, bed bug infestations in Portland, Oregon hotels are also happening at alarming rates. According to, visitors to Portland spent $5.6 billion dollars in…

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How to Deal with Bed Bugs in a Memphis, Tennessee Hotel

Memphis, Tennessee has become quite the travel destination for many within the United States. Whether it’s the attraction of the beautiful Blues music or the sights of the city, Memphis is a great city to visit. However, due to the significant increases of travelers, there’s a higher risk of bed bugs infestations being encountered in hotels. There is a strong…

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Can You Sue a Las Vegas Hotel for Bed Bugs?

We get this question a lot – Can you sue a Las Vegas hotel for bed bugs? Yes, you can! Here at Bed Bug Law, we represent individuals and their families who have suffered as a result of bed bug infestations in Las Vegas hotels. Many attractions like the awesome magic shows, the beautifully designed hotels attract a significant amount…

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Dealing with Bed Bugs in a Austin, Texas Hotel

Through recent years Austin, Texas has become a huge travel destination for many families and business across the nation. According to, over 68.5 million trips were made to Austin, Texas in 2017. Whether you want to experience the beautiful views in downtown Austin or the unique and beautiful homes in the Austin suburbs, you may want to be aware…

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