Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!


Property Damage in Bed Bug Injury cases

It is very easy to forget about property damage issues when working on a bed bug injury claim. The biggest portion of time spent on a bed bug claim stems from the personal injuries suffered by victims.  Bed bug bites can be extremely painful and leave permanent marks on the skin if not properly treated.  Apart from the physical impact…

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Bed Bugs in your hotel, what to do next?

Traveling for business or pleasure requires staying at hotels or motels.  Imagine you have checked into your room after a long day of travel and you need rest.  Now imagine you get into bed and the next morning you discover red itchy bites on your body.  You then inspect the bed and and confirm that your room is infested with bed bugs.…

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Bed Bugs in Rental Furniture

Bed Bugs Will Infest Anywhere Bed bugs will infest anywhere they can get food.  Bed bugs feed on human blood, and do not care how or where they get it.  We have seen bed bug infestations in schools, hospitals, homes, hotels and motels.  Bringing bed bugs into your home can be catastrophic, you must be very careful to not allow bed…

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Bed Bugs in Hotels

Attorney Experienced Bed Bug Hotel Injury Claims Bed bugs in hotels affect thousands of people each year.  It makes a lot of sense for hotels to be infested with bed bugs year after year.  Hotels by their very nature are places where human beings gather and sleep.  Over the course of one year, a busy hotel can accommodate thousands of…

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Orlando Hotel Bed Bug Injury Case Settles

Our client suffered from approximately 5o bites to his arms, hands, legs, face and neck while staying at a hotel in Orlando.  The hotel belonged to a major national chain that our client would frequently stay in while traveling.  As part of a rewards program, our client redeemed some points for a free weekend away.  Having stayed at this particular…

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Orlando Florida Bed Bug Injury Claims

Over the last several years, we have noticed a tremendous increase in bed bug populations nationwide.  Bed bug infestations tend to appear and spread the most in areas with large populations.  Bed bugs are expert travelers and will attach themselves to people and animals to get around.  Bed bugs can live for weeks without eating and bed bug eggs can…

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Florida Bed Bug Attorney Testimonial

The attorneys at are fantastic.  I had been attacked in a motel in Fort Lauderdale over Christmas 2016.  The case took a while to resolve but we were able to pay off our medical bills, replace all of our lost property and then some. My family and I were traveling together on vacation from South Carolina to Fort Lauderdale…

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Miami Hotel Bed Bug Bite Injury; What Do I Do?

Miami Bed Bug Attorney explains what to do after being attacked by bed bugs in a Miami Hotel. Too often you hear stories of people staying at a hotel and waking up to burning, itchy and painful bites. You look in the bed; move the bed sheets to find small bed bug crawling on the bed. What do you do?  …

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Florida Bed Bug Infestation in Hotel Settlement

There are few places where bed bugs infest quite like in hotels.  Florida hotels are a major hot spot for bed bug infestations.  In a recent case settled by the team at, a woman traveled for a short weekend getaway and to visit a friend.  Our client selected a hotel on Miami Beach and paid extra due to the name…

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