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Resolved Cases

Florida Bed Bug Attorney Testimonial

The attorneys at are fantastic.  I had been attacked in a motel in Fort Lauderdale over Christmas 2016.  The case took a while to resolve but we were able to pay off our medical bills, replace all of our lost property and then some. My family and I were traveling together on vacation from South Carolina to Fort Lauderdale…

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Florida Bed Bug Infestation in Hotel Settlement

There are few places where bed bugs infest quite like in hotels.  Florida hotels are a major hot spot for bed bug infestations.  In a recent case settled by the team at, a woman traveled for a short weekend getaway and to visit a friend.  Our client selected a hotel on Miami Beach and paid extra due to the name…

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$49,800.00 Settlement Against Tampa, Florida Bed Bug Infested Apartment Complex

Moving into a new apartment is usually an exciting experience. Joy stemming from a fresh start or new surroundings is something most of us have experienced. Unfortunately, this excitement is short lived when the new apartment turns out to be infested with bed bugs. We recently represented a group of three young women who moved into a new apartment before…

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