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Dealing with Bed Bugs in a Austin, Texas Hotel

Through recent years Austin, Texas has become a huge travel destination for many families and business across the nation. According to, over 68.5 million trips were made to Austin, Texas in 2017. Whether you want to experience the beautiful views in downtown Austin or the unique and beautiful homes in the Austin suburbs, you may want to be aware…

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What To Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a Panama City, Florida Hotel

Panama City, Florida is a huge vacation destination for many travelers looking to relax at a beautiful Florida beach. According to, the city has over 27 miles of beaches and is home to many different events. Unfortunately, because of the amount of travelers that visit the city, there’s an increased risk for bed bug infestations in hotels. These hotels…

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Found Bed Bugs in a Cabin? Here’s What To Do!

Ah, the great outdoors! Here at Bed Bug Law, we have seen growing interest for people and their families to stay in a cabin as a vacation. According to, the COVID-19 pandemic and social media has pushed many families to look at more secluded vacations like staying in a cabin. Unfortunately, many may not realize that the same risk…

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Can You Sue a Destin, Florida Hotel for Bed Bug Injuries?

Here at Bed Bug Law, we understand the links between tourism in areas and the increased chance of encountering a bed bug infestation. Destin, Florida is one of those places that see a large amount of tourists every year. According to, the amount of tourists that visit the city are in the tens of thousands a year. Unfortunately, with…

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Dealing with Bed Bugs in Hotels at Oak Ridge, Florida

Oak Ridge, Florida is a prime spot for travelers looking to visit the amusement parks at Universal Studios. According to, Oak Ridge has a significant amount of retail sales due to its close proximity to Universal. Unfortunately, many hotels located in Oak Ridge, Florida have to keep a particular eye out for bed bug infestations due to the amount…

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What to Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a St. Cloud, FL Hotel

St. Cloud, Florida is known for being adjacent to Orlando in which many theme parkers, tourists and travelers visit. Because of the close proximity to Orlando, many find great deals in hotels whom see hundreds of thousands of travelers a year. Unfortunately, Bed bugs are a big problem when they are found in St. Cloud, Florida hotels. Because these hotels…

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How to Deal with Bed Bugs at a Lakeland, FL Hotel

Lakeland, Florida has become a unique & interesting vacation destination for many families. Due to Lakeland’s close proximity to Tampa, those looking for an alternative to Tampa visit frequently. According to, Lakeland is home to many gardens like the Hollis Garden and reserves like the Circle B Bar Reserve. Unfortunately, with the recent increases in travel to Lakeland, there…

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How to Deal with Bed Bugs in a Ocala, FL Hotel

Ocala, Florida has become a big vacation destination for many travelers across the country. Either to visit family or to visit Ocala’s famous Silver Spring State Park, you should be aware of risks with bed bugs while staying at a Ocala, Florida hotel. Bed bugs are pesky insects that can cause significant physical discomfort and mental harm, if a hotel…

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Can Bed Bugs Transmit the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

According to, Americans are torn between taking a vacation and avoiding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). While we recommend staying safe through wearing masks and practicing social distancing, we are seeing trends across the United States where people have chosen to travel. Many people are itching to take a vacation or travel and here at Bed Bug Law, we wanted to…

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Who is Liable or Responsible for Bed Bugs?

Here at Bed Bug Law, a firm that advocates for bed bug bite victims, we get asked quite often, “Who is liable for responsible for Bed Bugs?”. There are many different ways Bed Bugs can invade a home, a hotel room, nursing homes and so on. According to, pest management professionals responded to a survey indicating that hotels, motels,…

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