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Bed bugs and babies: Beware of anemia

We are cruising into the height of the tourist season here in Florida. Maybe you have already made your reservations for the family vacation you have planned in the Sunshine State. There’s nothing like the beach, the sun and the refreshing ocean breeze to shed the...

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Bed Bugs and Mental Health

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on human blood while we sleep. Despite being a common pest for centuries, their resurgence in recent years has led to an increase in concern about their impact on mental health. The thought of these tiny creatures...

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How can you check your room for bed bugs? 

You and the family have booked a much-needed vacation. You’re looking forward to the time away and have booked what looks like a nice little hotel with a family suite.  You stayed the first night and everything seems to be well. Unfortunately, your child has woken up...

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How easily do bed bugs spread? 

Perhaps you already know that you’ve been exposed to bed bugs. Maybe you stayed in a hotel that had an infestation. Maybe you noticed bed bugs on the linens when you were staying at an Airbnb. Perhaps you simply visited a friend who later revealed that they had bed...

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Can you be allergic to bed bugs? 

Bed bugs usually create small red bite marks on the skin. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are careful to point out that they do impact everyone differently. The reaction that you have to a bed bug bite may be drastically different than the reaction...

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