Can I Sue a Hotel for Bed Bug Bite Injuries?

Bed bug bites can make it difficult to focus on much of anything.  Depending on how severely your body has reacted to the bites, it may be hard to sleep, work or accomplish your daily tasks.  The thought of being fed upon while asleep is a difficult image to shed from your mind.  Most of our clients experience a significant psychological impact as a result of bed bug bite injuries.  Many bed bug victims are unable to sleep for weeks, months or longer after being attacked by bed bugs.  Fortunately, you may be able to take legal action. A successful bed bug claim could help you get compensation for your bed bug injuries.

What Actions Give Rise to a Bed Bug Bite Injuries Lawsuit?

Can I Sue a Hotel for Bed Bug Bite Injuries?

The bed bug epidemic is showing no signs of slowing down. Hotels, motels, property owners, vacation rental owners, furniture stores and landlords all know about bed bugs.  The issue is not that bed bugs exist; the issue is the failure to protect you as the consumer against the threat bed bugs pose.  Not only do some companies fail to protect you from a bed bug threat, they could actively hide it and lie about the presence of bed bugs.  To build a successful case, you need to be able to show that your bed bug injuries are the result of the action or failure to act by another party.

Negligent Management Leads to Bed Bug Injuries

A fairly common example occurs when there are previous reports to management of bed bug attacks that went unaddressed and untreated.  Further, for a guest to stay at a hotel for one night and receive dozens or hundreds of bed bug bites, negligence is clear.  In that scenario, there must have been dozens or more bed bugs in the room to cause that number of injuries.  A large number of bed bugs can rarely go undetected, it is more likely that it was detected and ignored.

Examples of damages as a result of bed bug injuries include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Extermination costs (bed bugs will often come home with you in your luggage and infest your home)
  • Replacing luggage
  • Replacing furniture
  • Lost wages
  • Lodging for the period of extermination

What to Do if You Think You are a Victim of Bed Bug Injuries – 5 Steps

There are several steps you need to take if you have been injured by bed bugs at a hotel. These include:

  1. Gather evidence.

Look for signs of bed bugs in the room if you notice you have been bitten. You can use your phone to take pictures of any evidence you find. Use a flashlight and search the bed – sheets, mattress, box springs, etc. Look at the top and bottom of the mattress and box springs. Bed bugs should be visible to the naked eye, especially adults.  Bed bug eggs and larvae can be seen if you look close enough.

Can I Sue a Hotel for Bed Bug Bite Injuries?

  1. Quarantine your belongings.

Bed bugs can travel home with you in your clothing and luggage. Avoid taking your things back home with you before you check them thoroughly for bed bugs.

  1. Contact Management and the Department of Health.

Put the property on notice if you have been bitten by bed bugs.  If you have been injured by bed bugs, but are scheduled to stay longer at the hotel, demand to be moved immediately and to have your belongings properly treated.  If you don’t realize you have been injured until after checking out, you can still contact management to put them on notice of a potential claim. Note your phone call and how management responded.  Take names of people you have spoken to.  The local county department of health monitor complaints about bed bug activity at hotels and motels.  After filing a complaint, representatives will likely visit the hotel and inspect the room you stayed in to confirm the infestation. These records can be helpful in pursing your bed bug injury claim.

Avoid accepting any offers of compensation from hotels before you speak to an attorney. You want to verify that accepting such an offer is in your best interests.

  1. Document Your Injuries.

Some people react severely to bed bug bites. Are you experiencing swelling, itching, burning, anxiety or loss of sleep? Seek medical attention. Going to the doctor is also useful to document of your injuries.  Take photos and videos of your injuries when they are fresh, and then every few days to track the progression on the bite marks.  Bed bug bite injuries can take days or weeks to heal.  Take note if you are developing an infection or scarring at the site of the bed bug bites.  If you have discoloration or scars after the bites have healed, consider treating with a dermatologist.

  1. Contact a Trusted Bed Bug Lawyer

The only way to really know if you have a promising bed bug lawsuit on your hands is to talk to an experienced bed bug attorney.  An attorney will be happy to talk to you about what happened.  Bed Bug Law offers free case evaluations.  Managers have a duty to protect guests against bed bug bite injuries.  The bed bug injury attorneys at Bed Bug Law work to protect bed bug bite injury victims rights and obtain compensation for their injuries.

Contact Our Bed Bug Law Firm to Discuss Your Case

Staying in a hotel or motel should not lead to injuries.  Unfortunately, bed bug injuries occur every day nationwide.  Please contact us now to learn more about how to file a claim for bed bug injuries and receive compensation.

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  1. I stayed in a Massachusetts hotel with bedbugs in it, I have bites everywhere, it’s horrible! Please get back to me, thanks – Nash

  2. Nash, make sure to confirm the presence of bed bugs before you leave. Check under the mattresses and between the sheets. Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere. Our website can give you an incredible amount of information to help preserve your bed bug injury claim. We are available any time to discuss your claim and provide a free case evaluation.

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