Can You Sue a Cruise Line for Bed Bug Injuries?

Bed Bug Law has been hearing more and more cases of bed bugs when cruise travelers expecting a safe, clean and fun voyage in the seas. Unfortunately, those who suffer from a bed bug infestation can be suffer from physical and mental harm caused by the bed bugs. In recent news, we’ve also heard that an actress recently sued a cruise line due to her room being infested with bed bugs. You may be surprised, but the truth is that you can absolutely sue a cruise line for bed bug injuries.

Can You Sue a Cruise Line for Bed Bug Injuries?

Cruise lines have the responsibility of ensuring that their cruises and their staterooms are safe and bed bug free. With the rise of travelers on cruises, so too has the risk of bed bug infestations for cruise lines. Some cruise ships can see multiple groups of individuals within one state room a week in which they can bring along bed bugs that have clung to their luggage or clothing. So how do you know if you have suffered from a bed bug infestation in your cruise line? How do you check for bed bugs?

Confirming You Have Bed Bugs in Your Cruise Stateroom

Bed bugs can easily be confused with other types of insects, so it’s important to confirm that what you are experiencing or have experienced is indeed a bed bug infestation. In order to help you identify bed bugs, use the diagram listed below –

Can You Sue a Cruise Line for Bed Bug Injuries?

Before you begin your search, grab your cell phone (make sure it’s on Airplane mode to avoid any nasty charges with your phone company) or a flashlight as we will be turning off the lights in your stateroom and closely inspecting some areas. Next, remove any linens, mattress covers or other cloth-like material from your bed and turn off the lights. Closely inspect the ridges of your mattress referencing the diagram listed above for any bed bugs.

If you find any dark red or brown stains in your mattress, this could be blood stains from bed bugs feeding. If you have found bed bugs, take photos and video of them in their respective areas. Additionally, check all the corners of your cruise stateroom including any un-lit or dark areas that would normally not see any light. If you have suffered from any bed bug injuries such as large red welts or raised bumps on your body, take photos and video of those as well.

Notifying the Cruise Guest Services Team of the Bed Bug Infestation

Each cruise line should have a dedicated on-ship Guest Services team or desk where you can bring up your concerns. Before speaking to them, make sure you have your cell phone or a notepad where you can take notes. In these notes, detail who you spoke to including their name, title and contact information as this is an important step in proving your case.

Contact a Cruise Line Bed Bug Attorney

Bed Bug Law is a law firm dedicated to helping victims of bed bugs across the country. If you have suffered as a result of a bed bug infestation while staying on a cruise line, contact us. We do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case. To get in touch with a Cruise Line Bed Bug Attorney at Bed Bug Law, fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or give us a call at 855-533-5552.

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