Can You Sue a Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for Bed Bugs?

A question that my team consistently gets is, “Can you a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for bed bugs?“, and the answer is YES, you absolutely can! Hotels in Atlanta, Georgia have a complete and full responsibility to ensure that their hotels are completely bed bug free.

With Atlanta tourism on the rise according to Atlanta News Now, we are seeing an unprecedented increases in bed bug infestations in hotels across Atlanta, Georgia. So why is this happening? Bed bugs travel from destination to destination, from travel to traveler.

Can You Sue a Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for Bed Bugs?

If you encounter a bed bug infestation at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia and you are not aware of it, you could carry those bed bugs to your homes or other destinations. If you believe to have encountered a bed bug infestations or have weird insect bites on your body while staying at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, here are steps that we, Bed Bug Law, recommend you take –

Get Photos & Video of the Bed Bugs in Your Hotel

In order to prove your case, you will need to capture photos and video of the bed bug bites and bed bugs you have found in your Atlanta, Georgia hotel. Before beginning, make sure you have stripped the bed of every linen, mattress cover or other materials on your bed. Bed bugs love to hide within beds.

Once you have stripped everything on the bed, turn off the lights and use a flashlight (or the flashlight function on your iPhone or Android phone) to closely inspect your mattress.

Bed bugs feed on human blood and love to do it while you are sleeping in your bed. If you have found small insects or dark-brown, reddish spots on the mattress. Chances are that you have found a bed bug infestation.

Take pictures and video of the bed bugs as well as the mattress and any other dark areas within the hotel room that have traces of bed bugs.

Capture the Bed Bugs Found in Your Atlanta Hotel

If you have found the bed bugs themselves, capture them in a secure container like a jar or very secure plastic zipped bag. This is an important step to ensure you can prove your case.

Here’s a lifecycle diagram of bed bugs to help pinpoint what bed bugs look like –

Can You Sue a Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for Bed Bugs?

Notify Atlanta Hotel Management of the Bed Bugs

Next, you’ll want to notify the management team of the Atlanta, Georgia hotel you are staying at of the bed bugs. While speaking to them, make sure you take notes of who exactly you spoke to, including their titles.

Contact the Bed Bug Law Team

Finally, after gathering all of this information, contact my team at Bed Bug Law. We are dedicated to helping victims of bed bugs and bed bug bites receive compensation. The best part is that we do not charge ANY fees or have ANY costs unless we win your case!

To get started, fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or call my office at 855-533-5552 to speak to an attorney on our team for a completely FREE case evaluation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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