Can You Sue for Bed Bug Bites?

If you have received bed bug bites by from staying in a hotel, motel, or other property, you can indeed sue for bed bug bites! Bed bugs have become nationwide epidemic due to the large increases in travel across the United States. Families are travelling more and more for vacations and professionals are travelling more often now for work. The travel industry has experienced a significant boom and unfortunately, so has bed bugs.

To sue for bed bug bites, you’ll need to make sure that you have indeed received bed bug bites.

How Do I Make Sure I Have Been Bitten by Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can vary in appearance depending on their age. Firstly, bed bugs are a brownish, reddish color. They are small and hide in dark places within a hotel, motel or other areas. For example, they can be found embedded deeply inside of a mattress or within dark areas in a closet.

If you have woken up with big red splotches on your body, you may have been bitten by bed bugs. Take a look at the picture below as an example as to what those injuries might look like –

Can You Sue for Bed Bug Bites?

If you have confirmed that you have these welts on your body, then it’s time to find the bed bugs! Strip all the linens from your bed and shine a flashlight (or use the flashlight function on your phone) throughout the bed. If you see small dark, black stains on the bed, these are instances of bed bugs feeding on blood causing blood stains on the mattress.

Here’s what bed bugs can look like throughout their lifecycle –

Can You Sue for Bed Bug Bites?

How to Start Suing for Bed Bug Bites

If you are planning to start suing for bed bug bites, make sure you get your ducks in the row by going through the following steps –

  • Confirm that you have received bed bug bites
  • Attempt to capture the bed bugs in a secure plastic bag or jar
  • Immediately contact hotel or motel management
  • Document the names and titles of the individuals you spoke to
  • Capture your bed bug bites in the form of pictures or video
  • If you see any doctors or receive medical care as a result of bed bug bites, document your appointments and gather receipts

In order to start suing for bed bug bites, it’s important to build a case. By following the steps above, you have a much higher chance of receiving compensation for your injuries. So after you’ve gathered all of this information, who should contact to start suing for your bed bug bites?

Contact Bed Bug Law, the Bed Bug Bites Lawyers

The team at Bed Bug Law are the premiere attorneys helping victims of bed bug bites. We have years and years of experience in helping our clients sue for bed bug bites. If you think you have been affected either mentally or physically as a result of bed bugs, contact the team at Bed Bug Law.

All you will need to do is fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or call 855-533-5552 to speak to an attorney. Bed Bug Law doesn’t charge any fees unless we win your case and there’s absolutely no pressure!

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