Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

What should I do if I come in contact with bed bugs at a Motel 6? Should I contact a lawyer?

In the below video, attorney Lee Ann Kley answers the frequently asked question of what to in the event you are attacked by bed bugs at a motel. Some of the recommended steps you should take are as follows:
1. Report the bed bugs and your injuries to a hotel representative. For example, the front desk clerk, maintenance personnel, or the property manager. Make sure to request an incident report and a copy of it.
2. Take photos or videos of the bugs in the room or any evidence of bed bugs. For example, blood spots or bed bug skins.
3. Also take good quality photos of your bites. Furthermore, continue to take photos of the bites on a daily basis to show the progression of the bites.
4. Create a detailed list of any property that is damaged due to bed bugs. On the list include the name of the product, the price paid, age of the item and if possible take photos of the damaged item(s).
5. Seek medical treatment with a doctor. Request the record and bill from the visit.
6. Contact the department of health or department of business and professional regulations in the state or county where the hotel or motel is located.
7. Most importantly, keep a detailed timeline, which includes all conversations and events related to the bed bug incident.