Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

The Importance Of Taking Photos Of All Bed Bug Evidence

Being bitten by bed bugs is a painful experience, one that drains you of energy as you seek to find immediate relief. Unfortunately, while searching for a way to alleviate the pain, many victims forget to document evidence of the bed bugs, the initial bites and the progression of the injuries with photographs. In a day and age when most people have a camera-equipped cell phone in their pocket or purse, it’s easy to capture the evidence that the insurance adjusters require so that you can receive fair compensation for your claim.

How To Capture Quality Photos For Your Bed Bug Case

While you’re taking pictures to preserve evidence, not win awards, you do need to take measures to ensure that they are useful to the adjusters or potential jurors and clearly make your case. Bed bugs are tiny and hard to find for the untrained eye, have a short life span and it’s not practical to try to collect and keep them.

When taking pictures, make sure the camera is in focus so that you don’t get blurry pictures. With digital cameras, it’s easy to snap multiples of each piece of evidence. If possible, enable the time and date stamp so that it’s clear when each picture was taken. It makes it easy to organize them once they’re printed and used as evidence in your case. Additionally, be sure to take photos of the bites from different angles, and both close-up and further away, to show perspective and their location. Close-up photos can only show the bite, and it’s impossible to know whether it’s on the upper arm, back or leg of the victim.

Furthermore, continue to take photos on a daily basis to show the progression of your bites.

Photos You Need In A Bed Bug Claim Or Lawsuit

Here’s a basic checklist of the pictures that you’ll need to provide:

  • The initial photos of the bites
  • The actual bed bugs
  • Fecal spots from bed bugs
  • Blood spots from bed bugs
  • Progression of the bites

A series of good-quality photographs that document as much as you can find is essential to receive compensation for your injuries and damages that you’ve suffered. Failing to take a few minutes to snap these photographs could cause you to lose a significant amount of money for your claim.