Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

I Did Not See The Bugs In The Hotel Room That Bit Me. Can I File A Lawsuit Or Pursue A Case Against A Hotel For Injuries Caused By Bed Bugs?

This is a great question and a very common question our bed bug attorneys are asked.

Over the years, we have successfully represented clients against hotel and motel chains across the country that were attacked by bed bugs, but did not actually see the bugs in the room. It is not uncommon for an individual attacked by bed bugs to not see the bugs. On average, about 25% of our clients did not see the bed bugs that bit them.

There are many reasons, why individuals don’t see bed bugs when they feed on humans. Research has shown that bed bugs are nocturnal, which means most of the time they come out to feed when it is nighttime. The common-sense reason why people don’t see bed bugs while they are feeding is because more often than not the person is sleeping while the bed bug feeds.

Another reason cited by some researchers is nymph (baby) bed bugs are translucent (clear) until they feed. Until a baby bed bug feeds, it can be difficult to detect with the human eye. Once a baby bed bug feeds, it turns red because it fills up with blood.

According to many entomologists, bed bugs inject a Novocain-like substance into a human’s skin before feeding. It is said that a human cannot feel when a bed bug is feeding due to the numbing substance they inject into the skin. However, humans can feel bed bugs as they crawl on their skin.

If you are currently staying at a hotel or recently checked out of a hotel that you believe is infested with bed bugs it is very important that you contact one of our bed bug lawyers at 888-912-5897, so we can assist you in collecting all the necessary evidence to best preserve your claim. Once contacted we will advise you to look for certain signs that are indicative of a bed bug infestation and most of the time send out one of our bed bug experts to conduct an inspection of the room. We always provide a free consultation and never collect a fee unless we make a recovery for you.