Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

I Recently Stayed In A Room At A Hotel That Had Bed Bugs In It. I Am Scared That I May Bring The Bed Bugs Home With Me. I Am Going To Throw Everything Away Before I Leave. Any Recommendations?

It is very important to properly document all damages for your bed bug claim. You should not throw away or discard anything without doing the following:

  • Take photos of the infested items, for example, clothing, suitcase, or toiletries before discarding anything. If possible, take video footage of the items as well.
  • Keep a list of everything you discard. The more detail the better. Include complete descriptions. These descriptions should include the following if possible:
    – Brand names of items
    – Model numbers of items
    – Age of items
    – Purchase price of items
    – Place of purchase of items

When you return home, it is imperative that you identify and preserve paperwork that would assist in documenting your cost of the damaged property, for example, credit card statements or receipts for the discarded items. If you go out and purchase replacement items, make sure to save all receipts. Good documentation is key to receiving the maximum amount of compensation for your property damage.

Contact one of our bed bug attorneys as soon as possible to go over all available options for compensation. Our bed bug attorneys have handled cases against hotels, motels, furniture stores and residential landlords across the country. Call us now at 888-912-5897 for a free consultation.

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