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what Is My Bed Bug Case Worth?

This is a great question. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes “All people are not created equal,” the same holds true for bed bug cases. Over the years, our bed bug lawyers have seen settlements and verdicts for as little as a couple thousand dollars all the way up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Evaluating the value of a case at times can be very difficult; there are many factors that play into the value of the case. Some of the factors that our attorneys use to determine the value of a case are as follows:

1. What injuries did the client incur as a direct result of the property owner and the bed bugs?

2. What kind of medical treatment did the client receive?

3. Did the property owner have any prior knowledge of the bed bug problem?

4. Did the property owner have any procedures and protocols in place for the identification and inspection of bed bugs?

5. Has the property owner taken any proactive measures to prevent the spread of bed bugs?

The above list is just a few of the factors our attorneys consider when assessing the value of a particular bed bug claim. Evaluating case value without knowing all the facts and circumstances is impossible. Our bed bug attorneys provide free confidential consultation to anyone that has been injured due to bed bugs. Call us today at 888-912-5897 so we can learn more about your case.