Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

What Should I Do If I Have Been Bitten By Bed Bugs At A Hotel Or Motel?

Report the bites and bed bugs to a hotel or motel employee or manager immediately. Demand that someone from the hotel or motel draft an incident report or create some official document on their letterhead. Make certain the report includes the following:

  • Time, date and location (room number).
  • All witnesses names, addresses, and phone numbers that observed the bites and infestation.
  • A narrative of the events that occurred.
  • If bugs were found in the room the number of bugs and locations they were found in.
  • Injuries and property damage of all individuals involved.

Once the report is complete, request a copy from the hotel or motel representative and put the report somewhere safe. Do not leave the property without first receiving a copy of the report. If you feel comfortable staying at the property ask to be moved to a new room. Before moving to another room or hotel, have your clothing and personal items treated by the hotel, motel or an exterminator to prevent the further spread of the bed bugs. If possible capture a couple of the bed bugs and place somewhere for safe keeping.

Most importantly, take photos or videos of the scene, bed bugs, ALL bed bug bites, witnesses, the room, furniture, fecal spots, blood spots, discarded clothing or luggage, and any and all evidence of the bed bug infestation. Take as many photos as you possibly can. The more photos and videos you have to document your injuries and damages, the stronger your claim or lawsuit will be.

After securing the incident report, switching locations, photographing all the evidence and taking the necessary remedial measures seek immediate medical attention at a hospital, walk-in clinic or with your primary care physician. Tell the medical provider you have come in contact with a bed bug infestation, describe all symptoms and request the necessary treatment for bed bug injuries.

Furthermore, follow the doctor’s course of treatment and prescription recommendations. After seeking the necessary medical treatment, you can contact your states Department of Health, Department of Professional and Business Regulations or similar government agency. Notify the particular government entity and inform them of the location of the infestation and request they come to the property and conduct an investigation. Do not forget to write down the name, phone number and report number provided. Moreover, request past reports that have been filed against the hotel or motel.

Keep a notebook or journal of all the events and details related to the bed bug infestation. In the notebook keep track of doctor’s appointments, injury symptoms, conversations with witnesses, discarded items, out of pocket expenses and facts related to the infestation. Feel free to write anything that you think may be important to your claim or lawsuit in the notebook.

Lastly, contact one of our bed bug lawyers to learn about your rights and potential remedies that are available to you. Do not sign anything or accept anything from the hotel following an attack without speaking to a bed bug attorney first.