Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Where Do Bed Bugs Most Commonly Hide When Not Biting Humans?

The most common locations in which bed bugs hide are:
1) Inside a mattress depending upon the material of the mattress
2) Along the seams and tufts of a mattress
3) Beneath sheets and blankets on beds
4) Inside wood box springs joints
5) Behind baseboards and headboards
6) Beneath carpeting and wood floorboards
7) Inside any furniture located within 6 feet or fewer from an area where humans sleep
8) Behind loose wallpaper
9) Inside or on walls
10) On and inside couches, especially upholstery couches and chairs
11) Behind picture frames and framed artwork
12) Inside appliances and electronics
13) Inside or on suitcases after visiting a hotel
14) Bed bugs prefer materials made of wood, paper, or fabric

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