Florida Bed Bug Attorneys Case Settlements

Have you stayed at a hotel in Florida and been bit by bed bugs? Have you recently moved into an apartment only to find out your new apartment is infested with bed bugs? If so, you have come to the right website. Our team of bed bug lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients injured by bed bugs in the state of Florida. We have helped clients make recoveries against hotels and apartment complexes in Orlando, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and most cities throughout Florida. Below is a sampling of some of the recent recoveries we have made for victims of a bed bug attack.

Florida Bed Bug Attorneys Case Settlements

  • $35,000.00 for a client bit nearly 150 times. Client was a guest at a La Quinta Inn. She incurred a little over $6,000.00 in property damage and $500.00 in medical expenses. She received medical treatment for physical injuries at an urgent care and seven psychotherapy sessions with a Mental Health Therapist.
  • $10,000.00 settlement for a client bit hundreds of times by bed bugs at 4 star hotel in Delray Beach, Florida. Our client sought medical treatment with her primary care doctor only once. The hotel had a compliant on tripadvisor.com referencing bed bugs prior to our client’s stay.
  • $18,750.00 for client attacked by bed bugs at a hotel located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Client stayed at the hotel for one night and was bit in excess of 100 times. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspected client’s room after he checked out and observed nine bed bugs. Client sought medical care at the hospital and at urgent care.
  • $32,000.00 for a husband and wife that moved into an apartment in Tampa, Florida that was infested with bed bugs.
  • $18,000.00 for a client that stayed at a motel in Fort Myers, Florida. Client suffered over 100 bed bug bites. A couple of days after the client checked out the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation conducted an investigation and found a few dead bed bugs and a couple live bed bugs. Our client was diagnosed with infected insect bites by the urgent care doctor.
  • $14,558.00 for a single mother who was bit by bed bugs while vacationing at an Orlando, Florida resort. Client observed multiple bed bugs and blood spots in her room. The hotel confirmed the presence of bed bugs in the room. Client incurred thousands of dollars in bills for medical treatment.
  • $20,000.00 for a family of 3 that stayed at a popular Orlando, Florida hotel located in close proximity to Disney.
  • $22,000.00 for a husband and wife that were bit by bed bugs during their two week stay at a Cape Coral, Florida hotel. The hotel had Orkin pest control inspect the room and the search yielded a positive finding for bed bugs. An online review of the hotel revealed a report of bed bugs in the same room our clients stayed in 2 months prior to their date of check in. Our clients went to the emergency room at a local hospital to get treatment for their injuries.
  • $49,800.00 settlement for three roommates that rented an apartment in Tampa, Florida and the landlord failed to disclose the existence of bed bugs.
  • $26,748.00 for a husband and wife that stayed at a four star Daytona Beach Hotel in Florida. Both clients were bit by bed bugs many times. As a result of their personal items coming in contact with the bed bugs, our clients discarded the vast majority of the items they had with them at the hotel.
  • $26,748.00 for a husband and wife that stayed at a four star Daytona beach hotel in Florida. Both clients were bit by bed bugs many times. As a result of their personal items coming in contact with the bed bugs, our clients discarded the vast majority of the items they had with them at the hotel.

If you believe you have been bitten by a bed bug, contact us today and  one of our Florida bed bug lawyers will provide a free case evaluation.   Our lawyers have the skill, knowledge and resources necessary to help you obtain compensation as the result of being bitten by bed bugs.

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  1. We are considering action against Westgate Resorts Town Centre…..We began our stay on November 29/2016 in Room 5865C…..
    On the Saturday December 3rd we were talking to a couple about these welts that were on his arms….He explained they where bed bug bites from over in the Villas….No big deal they apparently fumigated and cleaned everything up, internal report showed no problem…….We were in the towers….A couple days later my wife thought she was getting a reaction from an allergy or something…She hadn’t been feeling all that well and the reaction seemed to be getting worse, more swelling…On Thursday, December 8th she investigated the spots that where showing up on the sheets….This is when she discovered….Blood Spots, large and small bugs…..Realizing one of our worst vacation nightmares, we called front desk….They sent security and pest control….They took the bugs she bagged, also took pictures of bites….We were moved to another room….No communications since….We have given security staff a number of calls to get results of report but to no avail….And they have no interest in contacting us…
    As we are Canadian litigation doesn’t seem to be feasible…..
    Should we just approach head office and give them an opportunity to make things right….I feel they are not ensuring guests are looked after to the best of their ability…Perhaps we should just make this public via Facebook/Travelocity/news
    Thanks for your time
    Michael E Moore

  2. My name is Trevor I have 50 bed bug bites all over my body im staying at an extended stay motel in tampa I would like to know if you can help me in any way. Thank you

  3. Good afternoon Trevor, yes we can help. Please call our office and discuss your potential claim. Our Florida number is 954-620-8320. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  4. We have received many calls regarding Westgate properties. Call our office to discuss your options.

  5. I am staying at vacation villages parkway in kissimmee Florida and here for 8 weeks
    Arrived feb 5 2017
    First week here our room was infected and I have over 100 bites and been confirmed bugs.
    I had to seek medical attention and worried about scaring now
    They have turned over to insurance and they have setup a claim and twice I have missed their call
    Please advice what I should do ?
    All documented and pictures

  6. Hello, my name is Paola familia and I got over 50 bites from bed bugs from a hotel in Orlando.. I have videos and photos of the bites and bugs in the room. My husband and I spoke to staff and were told the manager wasn’t around but provided us with an email. We then contacted the email we got and haven’t gotten a response for 2 days now. We had to leave all of our clothes because we have 2 small children and didn’t want to bring that home. We were on vacation and now we have to leave to New York.. can you help me?

  7. We checked into the Howard Johnson for a week “vacation” it was not at all that. My 3 year old kept crying and scratching saying mosquitoes. I have never seen a bed bug in my life and honestly didnt know they really existed he started getting huge welts on his body. Then my 2 year old daughter then me. I awoken to a bite lifted my pillow and a bee/cockroach was on the bed. I tried to fling it off but it squished leaving a dime size blood mark on the sheets. I got up googled bed bugs and clicked images. To my surprise there was the evil twin of the villan in my bed. I woke my husband and began removing the bedding we found about 40 blood spots live bed bugs and even eggs. Behind the head board we lifted also had live bugs on it. Notified the front desk. They moved us to a tile room and said they would handle it tomorrow. Morning came and they said we had to leave. I asked can we just keep this new room that was bug free for the week, and was told “no” to get our belongings and vacate the premises. I called a cab and went to a Days Inn one mile away. I went to the doctor for the bites was prescribed antibiotics benadryl and a topical antibiotic with an extra refill so I could also use it on my children. We had to throw everything away. Ive spent at least 300$ on treatment and laundry. The hotel keeps acting as if we did something wrong I feel like im being punished for their negligence. This was the worst moment of my life. I feel completely traumatized! Every dot I see I think it may be a bed bug. I’m literally constantly checking my children and myself for bugs. I can’t remove this experience from my mind. I feel like im going insane. I awoken with a swollen eye and yellow thick goo came out when I barely applied pressure. Draining my eye of this infection took days lots of medications oils creams you name it. As soon as I got the infection from my eye now my chin felt the exact same soreness the next morning. Another infection. I came to this hotel with my family with beautiful skin. I have at least 150 bites on me, my children each may have endured 75 and my husband got the least of it considering he lost days of sleep trying to rescue us from this horrible situation. As parents of two toddlers you have to really be on your P’s and Q’s and we have lost so many hours of sleep keeping all the lights on consistently removing the sheets from my babies using a lint roller to collect all black spots around their bodies only ro check 15 minutes later and find 30 more tiny bugs. We have plenty of pictures videos of live bugs from behind the bed board. Doctor diagnosis of bed bug bites and online statements of all the cleaning supplies oils medication and chemicals bought. I feel violated. My husband missed 3 great job opportunities because of this infestation our family is suffering. It took days to get 442$ of the 881$ they removed off our debit card. The other half is still pending. We were told there was no security deposit. We sold our vehicle to cover a new week in a clean environment for our family. I need help. I feel traumatized and ripped of my dignity. I am covered in bites and swollen infections. I am embarrassed to leave our new hotel room. We threw away all our clothing and luggage childrens toys that were expensive and collected over the last couple years. We have nothing and are covered in bites we look homeless and people stare like we have chicken pox. Please contact me with what steps need to be made. All hotel staff are acting hostile towards us and even blocked our cell phone numbers. On google review we found multiple post from up to 9 months ago stating other people experiencing the exact same situation and even a warning that said room 238 dont go in just dont and that was the exact room they provided but the reply from the owner on every review says “were sorry we have no record of you being here but we can assure you will enjoy your stay come back again. My husband was told by the manager that “pest control came sprayed something and didnt see any bed bugs. Some magical spray they apparently are supposed to run to. But one hour after to remove and throw away belongings left in the bug infested room over night he asked the maintenance man to help him lift the head board to expose and show him the bugs and he said “its not necessary” and told him to hurry salvaging what he can. I have no idea what to do. I just want my life back to normal I want my beautiful skin and this semi-psychotic stage that has taken over my brain to leave and never return.

  8. That sounds like an awful experience. Please call our office to discuss your potential claim. Make sure to keep photos of your family’s injuries and gather any related medical records.

  9. Orlando is a hot spot for bed bug infestations. This is mainly due to the number of tourists both nationally and internationally bringing bed bugs from all over. While hotels should be able to detect early infestations of bed bugs, most do not have proper protocols in place to protect their guests. Contact our office and let us know what hotel you stayed in and provide photos and videos you mentioned. This will help us evaluate your claim.

  10. We are staying at a resort in Orlando Florida and got bit by bed bugs. The resort refuses to refund us on our stay, they did our laundry and moved us to another room until we leave today. They lost some of my laundry and damaged some. They want us to fill out a claim report but will not replace or refund me of the items they lost and damaged. Also my family had to go to the emergency for bed bug bites.

  11. Family stayed at a resort in Orlando Florida and was bit by bed bugs!!! Also had to go to emergency.

  12. Hi we we to Florida an have been staying in a hotel now for little over month at 340.00 a week roadway inn in leesburg fl I noticed I itched an itched bad at night tho well this morning we my babies face has bites all over it an some on hands freaking out cause I have a immune disorder I take her to doctor sure enough bed bugs went back stripped bedding omg bed bug fecies every where on both beds an the beds are so nasty the carpet I’ve complained about how black it make ur feet an my baby when she crawls around ok any way I’ve took pictures of everything an the owners have been known about this because I was just talking to the maid earlier i asked her about hand foot mouth she said let me see them I did she said that’s bed bugs check ur mattresses so i played dumb and said ok why she said I stayed here few months ago for a night an got bit by them an had severe reaction an scarring.they got new beds for there business people guest for the ones Staying few nights but we was told we will not be getting new beds the people who are homeless an rent by week of course put people like us in garbage I asked first day how often u change sheets after long response um like every 4 days I said ok ill change mine at least 2 times week what bout blankets they could tell me omg really I saw her other day the owner go in a room someone checked out of just take sheets off left the same blanket some of the sockets don’t work walls are nasty whole in ceiling where the fan cover I guess came off some roaches I’ve seen the beds are so hard causing severe pain an soreness the owners are so rude the church didn’t even want to help us on rent these owners have known about this problem a while now an charging us 340 a week me an my family are homeless right now an no car this is the only place close to work an rides I dont no what to do we all have been getting bit now we no what it is we itch scratch the kids are fussy a lot no appetite can’t sleep what do I need to do if i go up there tell them he will kick us out they are very ugly people here omg please help us family of 4 I think there making me crazy seriously from itching my bites ain’t as inflamed but I don’t no what to do please help there’s not another hotel close to us to make it easy for us with a 1 yr old an 2 yr old an will probably have to deal with dcf now to

  13. Bed bug bite injuries in Florida are among the most common in the country. Based on what information you have provided, it sounds like you have a potential case. Please visit our “do I have a case?” Link on our site and paste this summary in and also upload photos of your injuries and any pictures you took of the bugs and the black feces in the mattress. Once you send everything in I can review it for full case evaluation and contact you to discuss next steps.

  14. Bed bug infested Airbnb condo in Daytona Beach. Went to a physician and documented bites. Airbnb confirmed Bed Bugs as I shared pictures with them. As well as with Orkin and property management. Owner of condo had documented issues in the past and had terminex out there on many occasions. Failed to notify Airbnb on past history.

  15. Airbnb bed bug injury claims are coming up more and more as the website gets more popular. We handle a lot of these types of bed bug injury claims. Contact us directly so we can better advise you and evaluate your claim. or you can visit https://www.bedbuglaw.com/do-i-have-a-case to upload photos and videos of your injuries and of the bugs you saw. We will review them and provide a free bed bug injury case evaluation. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

  16. Hello, we are six people from Sweden who stayed at a hotel in Florida. All of us got a lot of bites when we were at the hotel and thought it was mosquitos. When we came home to Sweden we noticed that the bites kept coming. Strange since it is winter here in Sweden and no mosquitos can be alive at this time of year. We are now pretty sure that it is bed bugs. Unfortunately it seems like we have brought the bed bugs in our luggage back to our home in Sweden. We have found evidence as blood stains and shells from the bugs in at least one of our beds. The question is if you also take clients from outside the US? Regards Eva

  17. Eva, that sounds like a significant bed bug infestation. Contact our office in the morning to discuss this matter so we can provide a full bed bug injury case evaluation. You can also visit https://www.bedbuglaw.com/do-i-have-a-case and fill out our intake form and upload some representative photos of your bed bug bite injuries. We will review them and contact you.

  18. Hello I was staying at a hotel in Sebring fl and I was there two nights and while I was there sleeping I was getting bitten by something I was looking on the bed trying to find what was biting me and then that’s when I found a bedbug I searched the bed and found more bed bugs I had to throw away clothes, pillows, and blankets that I owned I had bites all over my arm. Is there any way that you can assist me on this

  19. Mary, of course we can help you evaluate your potential bed bug injury claim. Our office evaluates thousands of cases each year in Florida. Please contact our office to discuss what happened to you and how we may help. To better assist you, please either call us or visit https://www.bedbuglaw.com/do-i-have-a-case to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of helping you file a claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  20. When I rented my apartment in Lakeland Florida, they included a “bed bug addendum” in the paperwork for the lease. 1 1/2 years later we find “a heavy infestation” and was given the bill my management. We had to throw out a couch and bed set . Are they allowed to do this?

  21. I responded to a “mandatory evacuation” in Dorchester county in South Carolina in preparation for Hurricane Florence. I took my family with me to Elberton, GA just outside of the projected path of the storm and happened to be where I graduated high school. We stayed at the Budget Inn there and I was bitten all over my body and had a severe anaphylactic reaction to the bites. I turned blue, then purple, heart rate shot well over 100 BMP and various other issues. I was treated at the hospital for anaphylaxis and the motel only gave me the room cost back but the owner would not speak to me about settling the debt from the hospital. He was out in the parking lot when I was with the EMTs but when I came back to the motel he sent his wife out to give me my money and she actually laughed when I told her that I wanted compensation for the expense at the hospital. I don’t really know if she understood me as she didn’t really seem to speak decent English. Thankfully none of our personal belongings made contact with the beds and we have not seen or felt any bites in the following days at the hotel we stayed in in Anderson, SC. My daughter was bitten a few times but does not appear to have any lasting issues as I have and I am thankful for that much.

    I was terrified during the whole ordeal because I really thought that I might die from this reaction. I had no idea that I was allergic to bed bugs in the slightest as I have never had a run-in with them in the path.

    I am now recovering but am covered from chest to feet in boiling red, painful bites that itch like nobody’s business.

  22. I would like to use your service. I have already sent over info concerning the case.

  23. Both me and a neighbor have been bitten many times by bedbugs and they are infesting our Apts. The owner says we brought them with us even though the last tenants had them!! I am a disabled veteran and my neighbor has young children some of them are disabled. Can I get help for this??

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