Fort Lauderdale Apartment Bed Bug Claims

Fort Lauderdale Bed Bug Apartment Injury Claims

Florida ranks high in the number of bed bug claims presented each year for apartments and hotels.  Apartments, town houses and condominiums present as some of the worst cases of bed bug infestations.  When so many people live in one place, it is difficult to preventFort Lauderdale Apartment Bed Bug Claims  bed bugs from entering the property.  What is worse is that your neighbor could bring bed bugs, not realize it and allow your unit to become infested as well.  Failure to properly maintain these properties is the leading cause of the spread of bed bugs and resulting injuries.

People need to be educated to take serious measures to control the pests, and bite victims need to come forward and demand accountability.

How did the bed bugs get into my Fort Lauderdale apartment?

It would be nice if one source for bed bugs could be identified and dealt with, but the reality is that bed bugs come from all over. People travel to and from Georgia constantly, which creates unlimited opportunities for bed bugs to make their way into the state. While the greatest population centers tend to be the worst hit, like Atlanta, bed bugs can pop up in towns of all sizes.

Someone only needs to travel to Atlanta – or anywhere else with bed bugs – to bring the pests back to Savannah, Columbus, Athens or Albany. Bed bugs hop into luggage and unload when they find a place they appreciate, usually the bedroom of the luggage owner.

Soon a new colony is born, ready to terrorize the people in the home and to travel back out again to a new location. Bed bugs can lay up to five eggs a day, and 500 in a lifetime, so it does not take long for them to develop a full colony in an ideal environment.

How Can You Protect Yourself in Your Apartment?

Fort Lauderdale Apartment Bed Bug Claims

You can do a lot to protect yourself from Florida bed bug bite injuries by practicing due diligence and common sense. Whenever you inspect a new apartment examine all the areas where bed bugs might be.  Bed bugs like dark spaces.  You can search for evidence of bed bugs in the bedrooms and closets.  A heavy bed bug infestation will show itself in the form of shed bed bug skins, black spots on mattresses and walls.  When bed bugs feed, they grow and shed their exoskeleton.  Shed bed bug skins can sometimes be difficult to see depending on the type of flooring.  Make sure to look carefully and ask questions before you move in.

You should search in areas where a prior tenant may have slept.  Rust colored flecks on carpeting or baseboards are also a sign of bed bugs.  Do not be afraid to ask permission to have a pest control specialist inspect the place before moving in.  Ask the landlord if there have been bed bug infestations in the past year.

If you see bed bugs, notify your landlord or management immediately.

Rental furniture is also another common way bed bugs make their way into people’s homes. Examine all furniture thoroughly before you allow it into your house.

Bitten by Bed Bugs in Your Fort Lauderdale Apartment

Bed bug bites look similar to other types of insect bites.  If you discover bite marks on your body that appear in a straight line there is a good chance you have been bitten by bed bugs.  Everyone will react differently to bed bug bites.  Since bed bug bites can be very itchy and painful, victims will scratch a lot.  Excessive scratching can lead to infection and scarring, so try not to scratch too much. Some people will experience more severe reactions, including severe rash and shortness of breath.  If you are experiencing severe allergic reaction, visit an emergency room.  If you are concerned about your reaction to the bites, see a doctor.Fort Lauderdale Apartment Bed Bug Claims

Document your bites and any evidence of bed bugs that you can find.  Pictures, videos and written communications with your landlord are important.

If you are in an apartment building, speak to your neighbors to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.  Contact your landlord or building management to document your interaction.  Then you contact a bed bug lawyer.

How a Bed Bug Lawyer Can Help

Landlords have an obligation to keep you safe and to provide a place suitable for human habitation. Unfortunately, many property owners/managers try to save money by cutting corners.  Some do not take standard precautions to avoid bed bug infestations, which ultimately puts others like you at risk.

A bed bug lawyer can look over the circumstances of your case and determine if negligence was to blame for your injuries. Bed bug bites can cause health complications, and bed bug infestations are extremely hard to treat.   Compensation may be available if you were injured as a result of your landlords negligence.

Our bed bug legal team has experience representing a variety of bed bug cases, and we are well-equipped to push forward with your case.

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Contact our team as soon as possible. Make sure to take pictures of your injuries and any evidence of bed bugs, and give us a call so we can discuss your case. If we determine that your injuries warrant legal action, we will fight diligently to ensure that you get the compensation you need for your injuries.

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