Found Bed Bugs After Moving Into an Apartment? Here’s What to Do Next…

Here at Bed Bug Law, we work with clients who have experienced bed bugs after moving into an apartment complex. With the recent events, there has been significant drops in apartment rental costs to drive traffic. According to, there has been a reduction in 0.5% of rental costs in Miami, Florida alone. So have you tried to take advantage of the changes in rental costs and found bed bugs in your apartment? Here’s what you will need to do next to ensure you protect yourself –

When moving into an apartment, it’s important to closely inspect the home for bed bugs before bringing any furniture or personal belongings. Why? There could be an argument that you brought in the bed bugs and in the case that you would like to take legal action, it could be harder to make a case. Here are the steps we recommend you take, even if you have brought in your furniture or personal belongings –

Step 1: Closely Inspect any Dark and Unlit Areas for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pesky insects and love to hide in areas where it’s dark and where they can feed easily. There are many instances where there could be a 1-2 day delay between one occupant moving out and another moving out. Bed bugs feed on human blood to survive and feed when you are sleeping. So what does a bed bug look like? Refer to the diagram that breaks down the life cycle of a bed bug –

In order to properly inspect your apartment, grab your cell phone (with flashlight functionality) and turn off all the lights. You will to inspect corners under any rugs, behind any bathroom cabinets, in any closets and in appliances.

If you have found any bed bugs or insects that match the features shown above, then you will want to take as many photos and videos of the insects. If at all possible, attempt to catch the bed bugs in a secure container either dead or alive.

Step 2: Talk to Neighbors about Bed Bugs

It’s a good idea to ask neighbors if they have heard of any bed bug infestations in their apartment buildings. Bed bugs can spread from apartment to apartment through walls, sharing furniture or personal belongings. It’s even possible that cleaning crews, with their equipment, can cause a bed bug infestation right before you move in. If you hear of this, make sure you capture any details like how long ago and where they heard of infestations.

Step 3: Contact the Apartment Management Team about the Bed Bugs

After confirming you have a bed bug infestation in your apartment, it’s important to report this to the Apartment Management team. It’s recommended that you make your complaint via e-mail or letter and if you have any phone conversations with the Apartment Management, be clear in documenting who you spoke with, their title and what they discussed.

Step 4: Get Legal Assistance from Bed Bug Law, the Bed Bug Attorneys

If you have found bed bugs in your apartment and have been affected by them through injuries or through damaged personal property, it’s time to reach out to an attorney can help you. Bed Bug Law provides a completely FREE case evaluation to all potential clients and does not charge any fees or have any costs unless they win your case. To get in touch with an attorney at Bed Bug Law, fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or call 855-533-5552.

2 thoughts on “Found Bed Bugs After Moving Into an Apartment? Here’s What to Do Next…”

  1. I moved in to an apartment to which the woman knowingly rented a vacant room and had a previous and current issue with bedbugs. The woman across the hall threw out her mattress the same day i moved into this apartment into a different room. The landlord hasnt purchased anything herself or taken any measures to exterminate. I live in CT. I have a bite on my leg today and it itches like crazy. I told the landlord and she still hasn’t purchased anything to remediate the situation

  2. Melissa, thank you for contacting We represent people injured by bed bugs in apartments, hotels and motels. Renting a room can sometimes be a difficult situation to be in. Oftentimes there are no written leases and it is unclear what your rights as a tenant are. Each state has different laws and rules on what constitutes a legal tenancy. You may due best by contacting a landlord tenant attorney in your city to help analyze your legal status in the apartment/room and determine what your rights may be.

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