Hilton Hotel Bed Bug Injury Claims

Hilton Hotels & Resorts includes not just the Hilton hotel chain, but numerous others, including Waldorf Astoria, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton and more. The company has properties in 78 countries, with more than 540 hotels in total.

Hilton and it’s higher-end hotel chains are known for quality, but even the highest quality hotels can become infested with bed bugs. It only takes one guest coming in with bed bugs in his or her luggage to start an infestation. If the hotel does not practice strict safety standards to identify and eliminate bed bugs, the pests can quickly spread to other rooms and make their way back out of the hotel and into guest’s homes.

Hilton Hotel Bed Bug Injury Claims

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs like to hide in the dark – along the seems of the mattress, under the mattress, behind the headboard, in the furniture and along the baseboards of the walls. Fortunately, you can spot them if you look closely enough. Before any stay at a new hotel, it is important that you do a quick search for bed bugs to make sure the room is safe to sleep in.

Bed bug bites look a lot like mosquito bites. Most people react in a similar way to the bites, experiencing itching and irritation, and slight swelling around the bite. Unfortunately, there are some people who react more intensely, even up to the point of passing out and/or vomiting. Bed bugs can also transmit diseases – although it is rare – so you may want to get checked out by a medical professional if you notice you have been bitten.

Document All Evidence of a Bed Bug Attack

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself the victim of a bed bug attack, it is important that you document everything. Your bed bug lawyer will want pictures of your bites, as well as pictures of any bed bug infestation you can find in the room you stayed. You can also talk to other people in the rooms next to yours and see if they have been bitten as well. And if you go to the doctor for your bites, get documentation of your visit.

Hotel Bed Bug Claims – You Need an Attorney

Hilton hotel bed bug injuries can lead to lost work, ongoing health issues, difficulty sleeping and other problems. If you can prove that the hotel you stayed at was negligent and that the negligence lead to your injuries, you may have a lawsuit. But you need to discuss your situation with an attorney to be sure. Please contact us at your earliest opportunity to learn more.

8 thoughts on “Hilton Hotel Bed Bug Injury Claims”

  1. Dear sir I have stay in Salt Lake City Hilton garden inn and found bed bugs and bites me a lot and I have the photos on my body that shows the bites and the hotel admits that there was a bed bugs in my room and the bring a special company to treat the room and I have now all the emails and conversation between me and the hotel manager and that shows and prove the case but the don’t compensate me and they refuse even to make me see a doctor and I’m still contacting them and asking them for a compensation for such bad experience

  2. Mr. Alzawahreh, I am sorry to hear about your recent bed bug attack at the Salt Lake City Hilton. We are here to discuss your potential claim and can provide information of how to pursue a claim for injuries and property damage. Bed bug injuries are very painful and will continue to have lasting psychological effects for months or years to come. Please contact us to discuss your claim and how we can potentially help you.

  3. Dear sir thank you for responding I sent you what happened with me and also sent photoes for the bug I found it and for the bites on my body also I have all the emails and conversations between me and the hotel and it shows and prove the incident I don’t know if I can get compinsation from the hotel or if I have the right to ask for that please advise me for that and how to contact you by email or phone I’m not in the us now I’m from Jordan and to let you know the hotel offer my as avoutur or what they called ” be my geust certificate ” for one night

  4. Good Morning, Please contact me directly today at [email protected] . Please send photos and all other correspondence to this email address. Our email servers are temporarily down as a result of Hurricane Irma. I can be reached at that email address to discuss your case.

  5. My family and I were at a motel in San Diego and were bitten by bed bugs. This broker/investor maliciously rented the room to us knowing it was infested. We have physical and mental damage, property loss and threats were made and access to utilities were denied, i.e. Internet and hot water. The city was notified and a report was filed. Although this broker had multiple complaints for year, the city attorney issued him a notice this year and is now being allowed to again get rid of the infestation.

  6. Hi,

    I am staying at Hilton garden Inn at Pearl, MS. On September 11, 2018, I notice a couple of bite marks on my hand and ear yesterday morning. Right away I called the hotel and told them that I am suspecting about bedbugs and asked them to looked thoroughly in my room and clean up.

    Later that evening I went to the room and seemed cleaned. I decided to check the bed myself and indeed found bedbugs. I took photos and went the front desk. There were no managers at site. I showed the pictures and the lady working at the front tried contacting the manager but no reply. I requested a room change which was granted and ended up washing all my clothes at the hotel (took me 5 hours aside from the hassle and the cost).

    Still waiting for meet the manager and have a talk!


  7. Hi I was staying at the embassy hotel downtown Chicago on 12/31/2018 till 1/2/2019 I woke up itching really bad on my stomach & side got up and took a look at it saw that I had 6 red bites that looked like bedbug bites so I went back to the bed pulled the sheets back in seen bedbugs and I took pictures and videos, called down to the front desk they came to inpect and seen it. The manager said he will get back wit me by noon but I haven’t heard from him, so I called he said the pics that I sent him don’t look like a bedbug bite.

  8. Tammy, bed bugs are small round reddish brownish insects about the size of an apple seed. If you were attacked by bed bugs in the night while staying at a hotel, you could be entitled to damages for your injuries. Bed bug bites are painful and the marks can last for weeks, months or even cause permanent scars. Chicago bed bug bite lawsuits are on the rise and we are ready to help you and provide a free case evaluation. Please call us about your potential bed bug lawsuit.

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