How Do You Tell If Your Hotel Has Bed Bugs?

Many hotels including the ones that are 5-star all the way to 1-star hotels all have the same potential for housing bed bugs. So, how do you tell if your hotel has bed bugs?

Identifying Bed Bugs

The appearance of bed bugs can vary significantly based on their lifecycle. You will find that baby bed bugs will appear extremely small with a white body with some transparency. As bed bugs continue to age through their lifecycle, they will transition from a white color to a brownish color. You can also tell if bed bugs fed based on the size of their body. If they have recently fed, they will be longer and circular in shape compared to being round and flat when they have not been fed.

Bed bugs love to hide anywhere they can find food and their food is human blood.

How Do You Tell If Your Hotel Has Bed Bugs?

What to Do Before Checking-In to Your Hotel

Always, always, always perform a thorough inspection of your hotel room before accepting it as this will be a great way to tell if your hotel has bed bugs.

First, strip the bed of all sheets, mattress pad, comforters and other linens. Bed bugs are commonly found within a mattress and within the bed frame. Look for any black, brown or brownish spots in these areas. If you see any black areas, these are bed bug feces. See any brownish or red spots? This could also be feces or dried blood from those pesky bed bugs.

Second, check any chairs, sofas or other furniture for those same spots mentioned above. We recommend bringing along a flashlight so that you can perform a thorough inspection.

I Don’t See Any Bed Bugs in My Hotel

Bed bugs can be hard to find because of their small shape, however they will always leave some tracks. If you start noticing that you have some raised itchy marks on your body after spending time in a hotel, bed bug bites leave very identifiable patterns. The bites themselves do not cause pain, but the saliva that the bed bugs push into your skin cause red itchy welts.

I Found Bed Bugs in My Hotel or Have Bed Bug Bites

If you think you have found bed bugs during your hotel stay, it’s important to log your experience in detail. This includes taking pictures of your injuries, the furniture, the bed, the room and ultimately capture any bed bugs that you can.

Once you have done that, contact hotel staff and document your interactions with staff including their names and exact times. Avoid recording your conversation as laws can vary from state to state.

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