Common Question: How Much is a Bed Bug Case Worth?

In the below video, a bed bug attorney  discusses the value of bed bug claims and lawsuits. A bed bug claim can be worth as little as a few thousand dollars to as much as several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please keep in mind, there are many factors that are evaluated when determining the value of a case and the below factors are just a sampling of some of those considerations. The first factor that may be taken into consideration are physical injuries such as the number of bites an individual received and whether or not the injuries are permanent in nature. Second, the emotional injuries an individual suffers, such as PTSD, anxiety or loss of sleep. Third, out of pocket expenses. For instance; medical treatment, extermination services and prescription costs. Another consideration is property damage, such as having to discard furniture, clothing or other personal belongings.

Our bed bug attorneys have represented hundreds of clients injured by bed bugs and are well versed in working with business owners and their insurance companies on your behalf. Please contact us at 855-533-5552 for a free consultation.

9 thoughts on “Common Question: How Much is a Bed Bug Case Worth?”

  1. I running furniture from rent a center the boxspring they gave me ended up causing us to have a bedbug infestation. I have filed a claim with the insurance company through Rent-A-Center and the exterminator came out today and did actually say that that’s where the bedbugs originate from. I have so many scars on my arms and my legs that I have to wear long sleeve’s and long pants and I live in Florida. My daughter is traumatized from this it was in her bed she no longer has a bedroom she has nightmares and loses sleep.My husband feels like we have a bigger case then just what the insurance could help us with. So could someone please call me back asap? The insurance representative is wanting a monetary amount soon

  2. Holly, Contact our office as soon as you can to discuss this claim. Rent-A-Center is a company that we have handled many cases against. It sounds like you have a claim against them for your injuries and scars. We would need to see photos of the bed bugs, your injuries and any other evidence to show the bed bug infestation. The sooner you contact us the better. Thank you.

  3. I am currently in neg. With Emerald suites. We’re myself my wife and my daughter were bitten. I had over 300 bites my wife and daughter had to go to the er they are offering 3000.00 and my law firm says that’s all were going to get. We lost that in clothes that were destroyed. I have pics of bites pics of dead bugs None of us sleep at night. Is this all we can expect or should we find other councel….in Las Vegas nv

  4. Obtaining new counsel after a case has been initiated can be complicated. If you are really unhappy with your current representation, we can review your file and provide a case evaluation. Please visit our “do I have a case” link and upload your case information and some representative photos of your injuries. Someone will contact you within 24 hours.

  5. I woke up this morning with several bed bites from a local major hospital chain. My son had a sleep study and i slept on a long couch and started itching a couple hours later. I have bites on my torso ankle upper arm and neck. I barly slept due to the itching. I told the lady the room might need to be checked. She said she was sorry and thanked me for letting her know. She also said i may recieve a call about it later today. What should i do? I took pictures of the bites. They are in 3s, the bites.

  6. I live in a coop building in NYC and own my apt. We just were infested with bed bugs in our apt and had to have it exterminated this past tuesday. They advised that our couch and mattress have to be thrown away and they will come back in 2 weeks to do another treatment. I just found out that there were 3 other incidents in our building recently that the management company did not notify of. Since we all share common areas, i would think this is necessary. The management company paid for the extermination but is refusing to pay for the dry cleaning and temporary housing since we cannot go back into our apt for another 2 weeks. Do I have any legal recourse? Thank you

  7. JB, this sounds like a big problem. How many total units have been affected by the bed bug infestation? I would like to discuss this issue with you personally. Please contact our office to discuss your potential case.

  8. Heather, contact our office directly to discuss your bed bug incident at the hospital. It is common for people to pick up all kinds of illnesses and injuries at hospitals either as a visitor or as a patient. Hospitals have a duty to anyone who walks through their doors to protect against known dangers. Depending on how bad the bed bug infestation was, it would likely have been discoverable and treatable. Please send us photos of you injuries or any other evidence you have so we can evaluate your claim. Thank you.

  9. My daughter, boyfriend and I moved into our current apartment at the end of May 2018. In the past couple months, my daughter and I have had several bed bug bites and we recently found an infestation of them under our mattress; we have yet to check the rest of our home. The maintenance man told us before that our apartment unit was once very infested with roaches and bed bugs, but stated that the issue was resolved but I don’t think that it was because of what we’re dealing with now. I haven’t been able to sleep in fear that they will crawl all over me or my family and I am very paranoid to sit anywhere in my home. I have had several anxiety attacks about this and we don’t have the money to replace things or move out, but I have a child under one and need this resolved! I have pictures of the injuries of myself and the bed bugs under/on our mattress.cdo I have a case? If so, what could it be worth and what do I need to do to sue?

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