How to Sue a Clearwater, Florida Hotel for Bed Bugs

Many of our clients here at Bed Bug Law that have retained us ask, can you really sue a Clearwater, Florida hotel for bed bugs or bed bug injuries? The answer, which is surprising to many, is YES, absolutely! Clearwater hotels have a responsibility and a duty to their guests ensure that their hotels are clean, safe and free from bed bugs. According to, tourism has increased significantly for the city which poses are larger risk for Clearwater hotels. Why? Well, bed bugs infestations in hotels are linked to the amount of tourism that a city, county or other area sees. Travelers can bring infestations of bed bugs to hotels through their clothing, luggage and other material. If a Clearwater hotel doesn’t have the proper process or procedure in place for handling bed bugs, they can put themselves in a position where all of their rooms are infested with bed bugs.

How to Sue a Clearwater, Florida Hotel for Bed Bugs

Are you staying at a Clearwater hotel? Have you woken up with large red welts across your body or found suspicious insects? Think you have found bed bugs in your Clearwater hotel room? This blog post by Bed Bug Law will help you confirm you have a bed bug infestations and walk you through the next steps in dealing with your hotel.

Confirming You Have a Bed Bug Infestation at Your Clearwater Hotel

Unfortunately, it can be hard to ensure you have found bed bugs at your Clearwater hotel as their appearance can be confused with other insects. Before we begin, familiarize yourself with this diagram listed below –

How to Sue a Clearwater, Florida Hotel for Bed Bugs

Next, grab your cell phone as we’ll be using the flashlight function on it. If you do not have a flashlight on your cellphone, try to go to a convenience store to buy one. You’ll want to strip your bed of any mattress covers or linens as you will be shutting off the lights in your Clearwater hotel room. Once you removed the linens from your bed, turn off the lights. Then, closely inspect the nooks and crannies of the mattress.

If you dark, red spots like dried blood on the bed, along with any insects that look like those in the diagram above, you may have found bed bugs. Additionally, bed bugs love to hide within ridges and other hidden areas within your mattress as they feast on blood to survive, so make sure you inspect closely.

If you have found bed bugs or have any injuries from the bed bugs, make sure to take photos and video of them. If at all possible, capture the bed bugs in a *VERY* secure container as evidence in proving your case.

Next: Notify Clearwater Hotel Management

If you have confirmed you have bed bugs in your Clearwater, Florida hotel room, you will want to notify hotel management of the problem and take clear notes of whom you spoke with including names, titles and contact information. If they offer you any concessions, make sure you take note of that as well. After talking to them, you should probably talk to a Clearwater hotel bed bug attorney.

Contact a Clearwater Hotel Bed Bug Attorney

Here at Bed Bug Law, we specialize in representing those who have suffered as a result of bed bugs in any capacity. If you found bed bugs or have been affected by bed bugs while staying at a Clearwater hotel, you should contact an attorney, like Bed Bug Law.

The best part is, we do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case! To get started, simply call 855-533-5552 to speak to an attorney or fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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